I Keep Switching Diets But Nothing Works!   I was always slim—until I got pregnant and had my first child eight months ago.  When I decided it was time to get rid of the extra 60 pounds, I went low-fat for two weeks.  I saw no results, so I switched to low-carb for two weeks—still nothing.  Other women lose weight with these diets.  Why not me?

Don’t worry:  The hormones that regulate appetite, metabolism and fat storage can fluctuate and affect a woman’s body for a year or more after giving birth, so 60 percent of new moms won’t get instant results with a diet.  The good news:  Recent findings suggest that when new moms simply pick one diet-regardless of which plan it is-and stick to it for four to six weeks to give the body time to adjust, they find weight-loss success.  So choose a plan that won’t leave you feeling hungry or deprived and stay with it.  My hunch is that the pounds will start falling off around week three and will continue to drop thereafter.

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