Help!  My healthy diet isn’t working.   After indulging in high-carb comfort foods like mac-and-cheese this past winter, I ended up 23 pounds heavier.  So two weeks ago I switched to eating more lean protein and veggies, but the scale hasn’t budged.  What gives?

The problem could lie with your liver: A new study found that refined carbohydrates (such as those in some brands of pasta) stimulate activity of SCD, a liver enzyme that signals the liver to store calories as fat.  It also strains the organ, making it less efficient at burning existing fat.  Once stimulated, SCD can remain active for months.  To jump-start weight loss, drink the juice of half a lemon in 10oz. of warm water every morning.  At night, have a cup of parsley tea (like Alvita Parsley Tea, at  Lemon’s ascorbic acid and parsley’s chlorophyllins are antioxidants proven to reduce the activity of fat-packing SCD, restoring organ function in two weeks.

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