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A Simple Groundbreaking Test To Biohack Your Heart Health
Written by: Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, CNS
Published on: 06/25/2024
Imagine having access to a tool that provides a thorough assessment of your cardiovascular health in just 10 minutes without needing invasive procedures, chemicals, or radiation–that would be transformative!
The MCG™(Magnetocardiography) test may just be that tool; my husband recently visited our new primary care doctor who recommended this cutting-edge test as a means to identify why his heart has an electrical skip – a truly amazing capability this test offers.
The MCG test can detect coronary microvascular disease (small vessel disease), a commonly misdiagnosed, yet often unnoticed condition. In only 10 minutes, it can differentiate between cardiac and non-cardiac chest pain–providing immediate clarity about which it is. Assessing how blood flows in and out of the heart as well as the condition of its muscle, the MCG™ provides a cardiovascular score which can be tracked annually. This allows patients to adjust lifestyle choices while physicians tailor care plans accordingly, providing peace of mind. Remarkably, MCG can even predict developing heart failure 8-10 years before becoming clinically evident!
Magnetocardiography, which works similarly to a 10-minute resting EKG test, requires no preparation–just lie still and relax as the machine scans you. MCG records magnetic fields generated by heart activity and provides a comprehensive view of heart functionality. It has proven itself an effective method for diagnosing inflammatory cardiomyopathy – one of the primary causes of sudden cardiac death among young adults – earlier than traditional methods; and can monitor treatment response much sooner. With its affordability and convenience, MCG™ stands to revolutionize heart health diagnostics by providing patients and doctors an invaluable tool to manage and prevent disease effectively. Ask your doctor about it!
If you’re looking for another simple, yet effective, way to improve heart health, look no further than Magnesium!
This magnificent nutrient is the single most important mineral for the heart, yet research shows that women are getting less than 70% of their required daily intake. This essential mineral helps reduce high blood pressure, thereby lowering the risk of heart attack and stroke. It decreases the likelihood of heart arrhythmia>and limits complications associated with congestive heart failure.
I recommend 5mg per lb of body weight for optimal intake of UNI KEY’s Mag-Key twice daily. It contains four highly absorbable forms of Magnesium with targeted health benefits + vitamin B-6 for absorption.
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