Get the Salt Out

501 simple ways to cut the salt out of any diet.

GET THE SALT OUT includes advice on how to use herbs effectively to reduce sodium intake. There are also tips for reading labels to expose salt when it is hidden in ingredient lists, ways to reduce the salt level in your water, advice for avoiding salt when eating out and tips for dealing with stress.

Ann Louise Gittleman reveals 501 ways to avoid excess salt intake by serving a variety of delicious low-sodium foods, taking advantage of tasty salt substitutes and steering clear of many surprising hidden sources of salt. She provides more than fifty delicious recipes for low-sodium foods, which will add healthful new staples to the diet of anyone who wants to GET THE SALT OUT.

In this day and age, when fat is blamed for all our health problems, it’s often easy to forget that salt can also be a dietary culprit. While salt is necessary for both bodily and cellular function, and is certainly crucial to the satisfying taste of some of our favorite foods, recent research shows that its excess consumption can also lead to hypertension, strokes, and a variety of cardiovascular problems.

GET THE SALT OUT also features:

  • Advice on how to use herbs effectively to reduce sodium intake
  • Tips for reading labels to expose salt where it is hidden in ingredient lists, as well as other points of supermarket salt savvy
  • Ways to reduce the salt level in your water
  • Advice for avoiding salt when you eat out
  • Tips for dealing with stress and other impediments you may face in your efforts to get the salt out
  • A week-long menu plan

GET THE SALT OUT has all the tips, menu plans and recipes to help you enjoy real foods again and create meals that both your taste buds and your body can truly savor!

“If you’re one of the thousands of people whose health is being compromised by too much sodium, these hundreds of tips will not only make it possible to reduce your intake, you’ll find that foods taste even better than before.”

—Nan Kathryn Fuchs, PhD, Editor, Women’s Health Letter

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