Hot Times

Manage your menopause— naturally

Are you looking for a natural way to treat hot flashes, mood swings, insomnia, and menopausal weight gain without the dangerous side effects of HRT?

Ann Louise Gittleman, one of the country’s top nutritionists, explains the latest research on women’s health and nutrition and confirms what she has been teaching for years— that menopausal symptoms are not medical problems to be treated with pills and hormone therapy.  They are the result of years of improper eating, insufficient exercise, and poor lifestyle habits that have taxed the adrenals, leaving some women with unbalanced body systems that contribute to many health risks.

Based on the latest research on nutrition and women’s health, the HOT TIMES program provides a diet built on unprocessed, unrefined, and natural foods, including leafy green vegetables, fresh fruits, whole grains, good fats, fish, and lean meats. With all-new recipes, a revitalizing exercise program, and lifestyle tips, HOT TIMES will help ensure that the postmenopausal years are a time in a woman’s life when she is rewarded with good health and a renewed zest for living.

“This breakthrough book provides the answers to the most common health concerns facing menopausal women.”

—Fred Pescatore, MD, author of The Hamptons Diet

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