The Gut Flush Plan

A groundbreaking plan to cleanse your system and revitalize your health.

Today, more than ever before, our bodies are bombarded by pathogens, pollutants, nasty bacteria like MRSA and parasites— and the source of much of it is common foods, poor food handling, and surprising every-day habits that attract bad bugs. What can you do to protect yourself against these growing threats?

Ann Louise Gittleman has an unbeatable track record in helping people to identify the hidden invaders that may be sabotaging their health. In the groundbreaking THE GUT FLUSH PLAN, she focuses on the next frontier in health carethe new germ warfaredesigned to outsmart the hidden invaders and superbugs that are spreading into the community and threatening our health. She offers concrete steps that protect against the undetected hitchhikers in our food and in our surroundings that take up residence in our guts, making us sick, tired, and bloated.

In THE GUT FLUSH PLAN, Ann Louise helps readers pinpoint their individual symptoms in order to identify the source of their gut grief. She then offers a revolutionary three-step program to rebuild the digestive system from the cellular level up. You will learn to:

  • Fortify your own compromised digestive system against pathogens and parasites
  • Flush out any lingering invaders or toxins
  • Feed yourself nourishing foods that encourage and rebuild GI health

You’ll learn to defend yourself against tainted foods, even name brands that you’ve come to trust. You’ll find out which mealtime staples undermine your best efforts at weight control by feeding greedy parasites or triggering food sensitivities and bloat.

You’ll also discover how to naturally boost your body’s good intestinal flora (probiotics), stomach acid, and digestive enzymes, your three greatest allies in the fight against gut grief. And, with Ann Louise’s 21-Day Gut Flush diet, replete with menu plans, irresistible recipes, and shopping lists, you’ll discover tantalizing new foods and delicious herbs and spices that enhance immunity and reduce intestinal distress.

With THE GUT FLUSH PLAN you’ll feel better, lighter, cleaner, healthier, and more vital than you have in years!

“Gittleman has done it again with a comprehensive, insightful, and easy-to-follow guide to optimal gut health.”

—Julian Whitaker, MD, director of the Whitaker Wellness Institute and author of Reversing Diabetes

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