The Living Beauty Detox Program

The revolutionary diet for each and every season of a woman’s life.

Ann Louise Gittleman has literally turned the secrets of beauty inside out! THE LIVING BEAUTY DETOX PROGRAM is the revolutionary diet for each and every season of a woman’s life. This book helps women of all ages determine their seasonal type using specially designed quizzes, and offers regimens to resolve the problems that can plaque women of every beauty type. Here you will find the beauty fundamentals every woman needs to maintain a healthier, more radiant appearance.

Ann Louise’s Living Beauty regimen is based on seven “beauty fundamentals”:

  • A cleansed, detoxed system
  • Purified water
  • Powerful proteins
  • Beautifying oils
  • Energizing, immune-boosting veggies and fruits
  • Revitalizing vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants
  • Balanced hormones

In THE LIVING BEAUTY DETOX PROGRAM, Ann Louise’s major recommendation is to undergo a “seasonal cleanse” four times a year–not a fast, but a diet rich in lean protein, certain oils, and seasonal, organic fruits and vegetables; eliminating sugar, caffeine, alcohol, and white-flour products; and taking herbal teas, cranberry juice, and a “super green food supplement.”

Each season gets its own chapter with its own specific food choices. Ann Louise also gives detailed beauty tips for different life stages, strategies for detoxifying your emotions, and chemicals to avoid in cosmetics and household products.

SPRING — time to rejuvenate.

Leafy green vegetables, dandelion root tea, dill, mint, and chlorophyll-rich parsley cleanse the system, balance energy, and aid digestion.

SUMMER — an active season.

Rose hips tea, garlic, cayenne pepper, and oregano, along with the Living Beauty Elixir, promote vitality, make the heart strong, and increase nutrient absorption.

AUTUMN — time for inward reflection and preparation for the darkness of winter.

Fenugreek tea and warming foods and spices like cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg protect the lungs, aid in elimination, and boost the immune system, leaving you with vibrant skin.

WINTER — a season of stillness and rest.

Getting enough sleep and eating cooked or warm foods spiced with ginger sustains body heat and immunity.

“The part of the book that I found most enlightening is the concept of cleansing and support tailored to the seasons. This seems to me to be a moderate approach to cleansing that is nurturing and in tune with nature.”

—Thia Barnes, Co-Op Personal Care manager, Bozeman, MT

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