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New Breakthroughs in Integrative Cancer Therapy – Episode 13: Dr. Dwight L. McKee

For the two out of three unfortunate Americans who face those dreaded words, "you have cancer", Dr. McKee explains how being trapped in FEAR can put your sympathetic nervous system in overdrive and exacerbate the problem. He should know. Dr. McKee is board certified in medical oncology, hematology, nutrition, and integrative and holistic medicine and has been at the forefront of integrative medicine since the late 1970s, even treating the legendary actor, Steve McQueen, in one of his treatment centers. Get the scoop here.

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How to Eat Right and Save the Planet – Episode 10: Bill Tara

A legend in the macrobiotic community, Bill Tara was the first person to be awarded the title, Macrobiotic Senior Teacher, by Michio Kushi. He is also creator of health education centers throughout Europe and North America. Lest you think that only vegans and raw food officios are interested in what he has to say, those following Keto, Paleo, and other popular diets need to tune in. Going against the grain with a newly reframed macrobiotic diet, Bill explains why some of the most popular diets right now aren’t good for the environment nor are they healthy for us.

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The Myth of Clean Water – Episode 9: Dr. Roy Speiser

Dr. Roy Speiser, Level-5 Water Quality Specialist, reveals how today’s epidemics of obesity and Alzheimer’s may be connected to the harmful contaminants in your drinking water. The illegal dumping of dangerous chemicals into waterways and the tons of pharmaceuticals flushed down the toilet by consumers have contributed to a staggering number of toxins detected in public water supplies all across the country. In addition to uncovering some of the most prevalent offenders, Dr. Speiser discusses why (and when) a customized whole household filter system may be essential for optimum health and immune support.

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What’s Bile Got to Do with It? Episode 8: Robyn Openshaw and Ann Louise Gittleman

The “Green Smoothie Girl” interviews Ann Louise on the importance of showing your liver some love and how (and why) you should build up your bile by adding bitter herbs and foods to your daily diet. Tune in for these and other health tips you won’t hear anywhere else! Also be sure to check out the GreenSmoothieGirl VIBE podcast at

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Buried Secrets for Overcoming Devastating Health Problems – Episode 7: Ben Greenfield and Ann Louise Gittleman

Health pioneer Ann Louise does it again, blasting Keto and Paleo myths with her book, RADICAL METABOLISM. Discover which forbidden fats, forgotten flavors, and fat-busting beverages you can eat and drink in order to increase your metabolism, protect against autoimmunity, address gallbladder issues, type 2 diabetes, and other devastating health problems. Also be sure to check out the Ben Greenfield Fitness Podcast at

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Redox Cell Signaling and What It Means for Your Health – Episode 6: Dr. Kurt Stickley

In this interview with Dr. Kurt Stickley, Ph.D., V.P. of Quality Assurance and Research & Development at the ASEA Global Corporation, we discuss how naturally occurring molecules in the human body enhance vital cellular functions. As we age, cell communication breaks down, the signal weakens, and gene expression can be disrupted. Redox Signaling molecules are powerful cellular messengers that help protect, rejuvenate and restore cells, and enable cellular healing.

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I Used to Have Cancer – Episode 5: James Templeton

A fifth generation Texan, James Templeton tapped into his fighting spirit and became a 30+ year cancer survivor who healed himself from a terminal diagnosis with the use of alternative medicine and healing modalities. As the visionary founder of Uni Key Health Systems and the Templeton Wellness Foundation, James has since utilized his wisdom and experience to helping others achieve optimum health and wellness. His latest book, I Used to Have Cancer, is his memoir chronicling his amazing journey back to health. Join me for this fascinating and inspiring interview!

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How Your Root Canals Could Be Making You Sick – Episode 4: Stuart M. Nunnally, D.D.S & Lane Freeman, D.D.S.

Learn how a prominent dentist, trained in traditional dentistry, became a renowned biological dentist after the removal of his root canals. He also overcame neuromuscular disease and transformed his life in the process. Join the First Lady of Nutrition in this episode as she speaks with Dr. Stuart Nunnally and his partner Dr. Lane Freeman about alternatives to root canals, the connection between oral health and autoimmune diseases, as well as the connection between acupuncture meridians and specific teeth. They will also delve into those "silent" painless tooth infections, the importance of replacing mercury amalgams, and an array of other fascinating topics you won't want to miss.

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The First Lady of Nutrition Podcast - Guest: Dr. Stuart Nunally

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