Episode 21
The CBD Revolution – Episode 21: Dr. Stuart Titus

Ann Louise Gittleman Interviews Dr. Stuart Titus

CBD Revolution - Episode 21: Dr. Stuart Titus
Ann Louise is tackling the trend of CBD and it's potential as an innovative health supplement with leading cannabis expert Stuart Titus, Ph.D. Dr. Titus is an industry icon and innovator, having been involved in all aspects of the medical marijuana and industrial hemp industries. Dr. Titus’ CBD product is also the only one listed in the PDR ( Prescriber's Digital Reference). For those interested in pursuing the products and for more information, check out https://cbdpromo.kannaway.com/

Biohack Your Emotional Wellness with Bach Flower Remedies

Bach Flower Remedies offer an effective natural way to improve emotional wellness and balance. Created in the 1930s by Dr. Edward Bach, a physician and homeopath, these remedies rely on flowers' unique vibrational energy properties as a basis for helping realign our...

Could Shungite Help Mitigate the Negative Effects of EMFs?

I’ve been concerned about EMF and the rapidly growing amount of electronic pollution being produced for more than 15 years, beginning with my book on the subject, Zapped: Why Your Cell Phone Shouldn't Be Your Alarm Clock and 1,268 Ways to Outsmart the Hazards of...

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