Episode 37
Could A Dog De-Wormer Be One Answer for Cancer? – Episode 37: Joe Tippens

Ann Louise Gittleman Interviews Joe Tippens

joe tippens and his grandson
In this eye-opening interview, Joe discusses how the veterinary product, Fenbendazole, helped him overcome terminal lung cancer and completely regain his health. This common de-wormer actually does three things. In addition to getting rid of parasites, it acts as a sugar blocker (important because cancer thrives on sugar), and also triggers an anti-aging, tumor-suppressing gene called P53.

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  1. Makensie Putman

    Ann Louise talks about being able to use fenbendazole for about $9 a month
    Taking one 1g packet a day, I haven’t found it for less then about $50 a month…. Can you please share your source?

    • Team ALG

      Makensie, The fenbendazole that’s least expensive in 1 gm packets is the Panacure C sold at Walmart. It would be $27 for 30 days.

  2. Catherine

    I absolutely LOVE Ann Louise for doing a brilliant job of bringing this information to us for free in a way we can understand. THANK YOU!


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