Episode 142
Hope and Healing for Parkinson’s – Episode 143: Martha Carlin

Ann Louise Gittleman Interviews Martha Carlin

Parkinson’s disease is the fasting growing neurological condition in the country today. So, when Martha Carlin found out that her husband was diagnosed with this progressive illness, she went into action immediately.  She transitioned from her thriving career as a systems expert to become a Citizen Scientist and explore the science connecting the microbiome to the brain in hopes of finding a cure for her husband.  Martha has now emerged as a leading authority in the realm of the human biome. At the helm of her company, The BioCollective, she now offers state of the art research to find underlying causes of this devastating diagnosis and has developed a proprietary formulation called Sugar Shift, which targets the way the body metabolizes sugars and re-establishes harmony to the gut and brain connection.  As Martha shares in the podcast, this has had a profound and positive effect upon her husband’s condition!  Join Ann Louise and Martha Carlin in this illuminating conversation as they explore the groundbreaking work that aims to revolutionize our understanding of human health and the connections from the soil to the food to our guts and our brains. For more information check out: www.thebiocollective.com.

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  1. David Wisner

    I stopped most of my Parkinson’s disease medications due to severe side effects and I started on herbal treatments from Natural Herbs Centre (naturalherbscentre. com), the treatment has made a very huge difference for me. My symptoms including body weakness and Swallowing difficulties disappeared after few months on the treatment. I am getting active again since starting this treatment.

    • Ben Clark

      Thanks for sharing your story David. Would you mind sharing what specific herbal treatments were effective for you?


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