Episode 136
The Autoimmune Connection – Episode 136: Dr. Sangita Pedro

Ann Louise Gittleman Interviews Dr. Sangita Pedro

Once again, the First Lady of Nutrition delves into the growing epidemic of autoimmunity. This time she welcomes a very astute naturopath, Sangita Pedro, who is a graduate of National University of Natural Medicine. Dr. Pedro is on the investigative trail uncovering the underlying cause of autoimmunity. These include chronic, complex illness including SIBO and other gastrointestinal complaints, chronic infections including Lyme disease and co-infections, Mycotoxin illness, Chronic fatigue, multiple chemical sensitivities, seasonal allergies and Fibromyalgia. Join Ann Louise and Sangita as they engage in a robust dialogue of why our immune system today is often in a hyper reactive state. They discuss how utilizing modern diagnostic tools can help uncover the root cause of illness and the importance of employing a variety of modalities to treat that cause which includes pharmaceutical medications, herbal medicine, nutritional supplements, and homeopathy. Dr. Pedro’s love for working with children and people of all ages is contagious and her passion for learning and growing in her expertise will encourage you to where natural healthcare is going in the future!

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