Silent Acid Reflux: The Hidden Health Saboteur – Episode 172: Dr. Jonathan Aviv

Ann Louise Gittleman Interviews Dr. Jonathan Aviv

About this episode:
Join The First Lady of Nutrition as she welcomes Dr. Jonathan Aviv, clinical director of the largest single specialty group of ear, nose, and throat doctors in the U.S., and author of “The Acid Watcher Diet” and “The Acid Watcher Cookbook.” In this truly captivating episode, Ann Louise and Dr. Aviv dive deep into the world of silent acid reflux, a condition that affects an estimated 75 million Americans. Discover the subtle symptoms of this condition, such as chronic cough, post-nasal drip, and abdominal bloating, and how it differs from common heartburn. Dr. Aviv also offers practical advice on maintaining an acid-free lifestyle, the critical role of diet (and what foods to avoid), and the amazing benefits of alginate. He also addresses the impact of popular new weight loss drugs on your health and how they can contribute to this condition. This podcast is packed with valuable insights and practical tips that you won’t want to miss. Tune in to discover how you can identify and address silent acid reflux symptoms before they lead to more severe health issues. For more information check out: https://www.acidwatcher.com/.

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