The Miracle of Methylene Blue – Episode 169: Dr. John Lieurance

Ann Louise Gittleman Interviews Dr. John Lieurance

About this episode:

Join us on The First Lady of Nutrition podcast as Ann Louise welcomes Dr. John Lieurance, an internationally acclaimed Chiropractic Neurologist and leading expert on longevity and vitality research. Dr. Lieurance shares how he began his path toward health innovation after becoming quite ill with Lyme disease and mold exposure. His search led him to Europe where he discovered Methylene Blue: an extraordinary substance with multiple health benefits for mitochondrial support, neuroprotective properties and cell protection. Dr. Lieurance also discusses why suppositories are an optimal delivery method, red light therapy’s enhancement of Methylene Blue’s effectiveness, and shares insights into stem cells’ potential to improve various conditions. Listen in as Ann Louise and Dr. Lieurance talk about the transformative potential of Methylene Blue within cells and mitochondria and explore its powerful transformative capabilities against various health challenges. With three decades of experience in alternative and regenerative medicine, Dr. Lieurance has dedicated himself to developing cutting-edge health technologies and treatments. He is the author of several books including “Methylene Blue Magic Bullet: The Ultimate Mitochondrial Support.”

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