Unhealed Trauma: The Missing Link to Your Health Challenges – Episode 170: Kymber Mauldin

Ann Louise Gittleman Interviews Kymber Mauldin

About this episode:

Join The First Lady of Nutrition as she explores the profound effects of trauma on the body. Her guest is Kymber Maulden, a nutrition consultant and somatic health coach.  Ann Louise and Kymber discuss not only shock trauma, but how unhealed complex developmental trauma (trauma from birth onward) is stored in our bodies and how it can lead to chronic nervous system dysregulation. Kymber shares fascinating insights on why animals instinctively know how to release stress while humans often re-live trauma, leading to conditions like PTSD, shock trauma, and complex developmental trauma. Learn about the NERM approach (Neural Effective Relational Model) for addressing complex trauma and why a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis can be a game-changer in understanding our stress levels. The interview gets personal as Kymber shares her personal journey with veganism and how this type of diet intersects with the effects of trauma. Discover why eating for biology, not ideology, is crucial especially for women in today’s world where modern stressors deplete our body’s resources. For more information check out Kymber’s book, “Nourishing Our Sanity: How Eating Animals Can Help You Grow Stronger” and  https://www.kymbermaulden.com/.

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