Ann Louise has opened my eyes…

I moved to Georgia about seven years ago and within two years I went from 135 lbs to 189 lbs. With my busy schedule as a single parent it was easy to grab that burger. I woke up four years ago after a yearly physical when my doctor recommended I go on cholesterol medicine at age 40. I declined. That is when Ann Louise came into my life. This is when my life changed forever. One year later I returned for my physical and my cholesterol was now better than a thirty year old. I don’t have anything against the medical field; half of my family is in it. But, I do know that 95% of the medications being taken in America are not needed, they are just a mask to control the real problem. America spends more than any other country on prescription drugs. After being with Ann Louise I read labels, I only purchase organic canned foods with no salt, no sugar. I learned how to make my favorite foods even better. I always hear that organic food is too expensive and that’s not true. If you can’t get them at a good price then learn about the food bath she has in her book. America spends less money per household on food. Why? Because we choose to eat unhealthy additives and pesticides. I challenge you to read the label on the foods you have in your house right now! Did you know what you were eating? Read your medications and write down how many say can cause liver damage or kidney damage. Get the Fat Flush book and educate yourself. You don’t have to follow the recipes, just get the idea. It works! Why? Because you’re eating healthy. Say good bye to diabetes, high cholesterol and more. Ann Louise has opened my eyes and she can for you. Stop making excuses!”

Robyn M.

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