Ann Louise’s book marked a turning point for me…

“I have always been interested in the role of nutrition in health. My mother has MS and I watched her improve the quality of her life as a child with nutrition and a holistic approach. I was born a “sickly” child and suffered from something all the time growing up and she used a holistic approach trying to help me. I lost 5 years to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in my early 20’s,  but refused to believe I had to live with that state of dis-ease. I used food to bring myself into remission but it wasn’t until 1999 while working in a natural health food grocery store that I discovered I could become a nutrition consultant and help others to improve the quality of their lives as I had. It was Ann Louise’s books that really marked that turning point for me; I still have them all! “Why Am I Always So Tired?” and “Guess What Came To Dinner” impacted my life greatly and helped me reach that level of health I trusted was my birthright and knew I could achieve. Those books and her others still play a role today in my coaching with my clients. THANK YOU, Ann Louise Gittleman for all you do, sharing your wealth of knowledge and for caring. You are definitely one of my role models and someone I admire greatly! ( “


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