Fast Track to Detox saved my life…

“For several years I was treated for a misdiagnosis which made me gain weight and filled my body with toxins. When I was finally given the correct diagnosis I had to be put on medications that destroyed my gut and zapped all my energy to the point I had to drop out of college. After the disease was cured my body was left in ruins and I felt like I would never be the same. I was still in my 20’s but felt like I was 90. My mom helped me do the Fast Track Detox Diet and within one week I lost over 20 lbs of water weight and after the detox I got my energy back! It changed my life by changing my eating habits! I was also diagnosed with intestinal hyperpermeability after the diet made me realize how wheat and dairy affected me. My naturopathic doctor was able to take that info and start treating me. Ten years after it all began I finished my college degree, I moved, I got married, I’m having my first baby in August, and I feel great! Thank you Dr. Gittleman for writing that book! I recommend it and all your literature to everyone I know because it changed (and quite probably saved) my life.”

Kat G.

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