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Hormone Rescue

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SOS: for pre, during, and post menopause. Yesterday—to celebrate the upcoming release of the full update of my New York Times Bestseller, Before the Change—I went live on my Facebook page for a Q&A about how to turn hormone havoc into hormone heaven. Your questions were incredibly insightful and I thank you so much for sharing them. We were able to cover a wide variety of topics during that hour Read More

Sweetheart Recipe for V-Day

Two tasty “super” foods help protect your heart—without packing on pounds. Who doesn’t like chocolate? New research puts it right up there with acai and blueberries as a “super” fruit. You may be delighted to know that dark chocolate has significantly more antioxidants and flavonoids than the juice of these fruits. In fact, the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute Family Heart Study found that chocolate is linked to lower Read More