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Thyroid Solutions

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Restore your thyroid to restore your health. The thyroid—a butterfly-shaped gland in your neck—plays a prominent role in the health of your body from head to toe. In fact, every single cell in your body has thyroid hormone receptor sites. Besides regulating body temperature and driving metabolism, this mighty gland supports the immune system, the nervous system, and the intestines. It also influences the brain, muscles, heart, gallbladder, and liver. Read More

Calm Hormonal Havoc

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Natural remedies you need to try. Haywire hormones can cause even the most cool, calm, and collected woman to feel like she’s going crazy. If you feel trapped in the throes of perimenopause, menopause or beyond, read on for remedies that will take the edge off and restore hormone harmony. Do keep in mind that while these solutions have been proven remarkably effective for many, they are not a one Read More