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Snack Box for September

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Healthy snacks for the kids—and you. It’s almost hard to believe that Labor Day weekend is already upon us—and with it, the signing off of summer and the return of the school season. As any busy parent knows, it can be no easy task to find snacks that satisfies the kid’s taste buds, while also providing nutritional value that satisfies the parents. As we enter this holiday weekend, I’d like Read More

Kids and Cell Phones Do Not Mix

The single, most overlooked factor in behavior issues in children. Cell phone radiation is one of the hottest and most controversial health topics of 2012. But it’s especially critical when it comes to regulating cellular technologies for pregnant women and children. Since the publication of Zapped, I have been following the ongoing effects of cell phone radiation and diligently searching for practical solutions for adults, teens, tweens, and children. So Read More

Eating for A’s

Breakfast is for Champions. Three-quarters of American children decide what—if anything—they’ll eat every morning. That’s a problem. “Even nutritional deficiencies of a relatively short-term nature will influence children’s behavior, ability to concentrate, and to perform complex tasks,” Tufts University researchers find. Starting the day with something as easy as a cereal bar can improve memory, mood, and recall, another study shows. Research among junior-high girls find that those who got Read More