Who can debate that your vision is one of your most important senses? Cast your eyes on health with noted optometrist and celebrated author Dr Jeffrey Anshel and the First Lady of Nutrition. By not recognizing the signs of eyestrain, you leave yourself subject to a host of problems such as headaches, blurred vision, eye pain, dry eyes, excessive tearing, excessive blinking, double vision, eye fatigue, heavy eyes, burning sensation, difficulty focusing, poor night vision, neck & shoulder pain, poor visual acuity & bloodshot eyes. The good news is that there is no reason to suffer from these common and annoying symptoms whether a result of your display screen, inadequate lighting, poor nutrition, or merely the process of aging. If you are one of the millions of people suffering from eyestrain or other eye problems, you will discover that, with few exceptions, most of the solutions to this problem are both simple and relatively inexpensive to achieve. Don’t forget to check out Dr. Anshel’s latest book, “What You Must Know About Eyestrain” and you will be able to see your way clear to sharpness and acuity.

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