The First Lady of Nutrition welcomes Dr. Trevor Cates, AKA “The Spa Doctor.” Dr. Cates talks candidly about her own personal journey dealing with hormonal issues, and how she suffered from major skin irritation and cystic acne throughout her childhood and into young adulthood until she finally discovered it was due to hormonal imbalance. A majority of men and women are currently living with hormonal imbalance, leading to major issues like chronic depression, lack of libido, insomnia, poor digestive health, skin issues and more. Join the engaging discussion as Ann Louise and Dr. Cates talk about restoring hormone balance through food, movement, mindset and skincare. Dr. Trevor Cates’s new book “Natural Beauty Reset: The 7-Day Program to Harmonize Hormones and Restore Radiance” hits bookstores in September 2022.

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