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Superwoman Syndrome

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The toll “doing it all” takes on your health. Time and time again I have seen my friends and clients struggle with “superwoman syndrome,” a phenomena publicly decried since at least the 1970s. This term summarizes the societal pressure on a woman to not only perform but excel in all of her careers: her career in the workforce, her career as a mother, her career as a wife, and her Read More

Why Am I STILL Always So Tired?

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Uncover the sneaky micronutrient deficiency at the root of exhaustion. No—I’m not talking about B-12, folate, copper, or iron. This mineral shortfall is even more insidious because you can’t easily test for it. It’s intimately connected to GERD, fibroids, weight gain, memory loss, hair loss, infertility, and hypothyroidism. If you guessed iodine—you would be right!! Iodine is used in every cell of the body and our bodies actually need two Read More