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The New View on Candida

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Candida yeast is like a super-villain with a secret identity. Candida is everywhere. It’s in the air you breathe, in the foods you eat, and is a normal part of everyone’s intestinal flora. When your intestinal flora is thriving, candida exists peacefully in the mucus membrane of your intestinal wall and is kept in check as part of a healthy balance. But, when normal probiotic defenses break down and conditions Read More

Why Mental Health Isn’t All In Your Head

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The environment outside of you has a direct impact on what’s going on inside your body, including your mental health. We have unknowingly created a world that disconnects us from everything we need to be healthy and happy, and replaced it with what makes us fat, sick, and depressed. Toxins are everywhere around us – in the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we eat. Invisible Read More

Are Parasites Making You Fat and Tired?

The epidemic that can trigger weight gain, hinder digestion and zap energy. Over 20 years ago, the Chief of Pathobiology at Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, Peter Weina, PhD, FACP, told me, “we have a tremendous parasite problem right here in the United States—it’s just not being identified.” And that assertion couldn’t be truer today. A focus of my work since my book Guess What Came to Dinner? Parasites Read More

The Yeast Cure Primer

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Symptoms and Strategies for Conquering Candida and Balancing Thyroid Function. You just can’t escape yeast, especially during the summer when yeast-promoting foods–sweet treats, fruits, energy bars and liquid sugar beverages–abound. Candida albicans is in the air, in your throat and in your gut. That’s a fact of life. This yeast is everywhere, coexisting with all the other microorganisms that fill the microscopic spaces of the world. But when Candida grows out Read More

Debunking the Hottest Health Trends:  Coconut Oil and Weight Loss

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Why Coconut Oil May Be Secretly Sabotaging Your Fat Burning Efforts Coconut oil is the nutritional darling of best-selling books, social media and DIY blogs. Everyone has picked their favorite of the “101 ways to love coconut oil” and has maybe even revolutionized their personal care and beauty routines. Coconut oil is a wonder for weight loss.  Though not an omega fat, it does contain medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) that rev Read More

What’s the best probiotic supplement?

I’d like to take a probiotic supplement, but all the different strains and cultures make shopping for one so confusing. I don’t want to make the wrong pick! Is there anything specific I should be looking for if I want to lose weight? You’re smart to ask. The latest research suggests that probiotics can block fat absorption, speed metabolism, curb appetite, ease digestion and more. But it can be hard Read More

Should I Take Probiotics After My Antibiotics?

I just finished a course of antibiotics. How can I get the good bugs back fast?  You’re smart to ask, even a short course of antibiotics can result in yeast overgrowth that leads to sugar cravings, fatigue and indigestion. Probiotic-rich foods like yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut and kimchi help recolonize the good flora. The only drawback: They provide just millions of beneficial bacteria per serving, that’s a fraction of the trillions Read More

Get a Clean Slate: 10 Ways to Start 2015 Right

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2015 has just begun… If you’ve ever set resolutions before, you know how easily they can fall by the wayside.  So, this year I’ve put together a fail-proof list of “habits”—not resolutions—that will make you feel so good, you’ll never want to turn back. 1. Combat Stress, Anxiety and Depression with Probiotics Brand new research has made another compelling argument for the importance of the normal flora in our bodies.  Read More

Flip Your Metabolic Switch By Avoiding This Single Ingredient

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Uncover The Sneaky Sugar Making You Fat! Do you ever grab a snack while you’re on the go, just to find yourself even hungrier shortly after you’ve eaten it? I have heard friends and family jokingly refer to this as “jump-starting” their appetite, but new research indicates that depending on the snack, you may actually be doing just that. The focus of this brand new research by Kathleen Page and her Read More

Reverse the #1 Issue You Didn’t Know You Had

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Heal the Root Cause of Dis-ease in 3 Easy Steps Identifying this #1 underlying issue when you don’t have ANY of the typical symptoms is downright tricky. How could you possibly connect the dots when you are NOT experiencing digestive distress problems like bloating, gas, diarrhea, and constipation? The truth of the matter is,  for the more than 30% of us with Leaky Gut Syndrome (or intestinal permeability), it is not in the GI tract where symptoms actually manifest.