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10 Ways to Avoid Insulin Resistance

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Avoiding insulin resistance and keeping blood sugar stable are just as key to our health as supporting the thyroid (which I discussed in my last blog). Insulin, one of our premier fat promoting hormones, is a response to overconsumption of carbohydrates including sugar without enough fiber or fat. So, what can you do to get a grip on your insulin levels to enhance weight loss and prevent fat gain? Try Read More

Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

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Part One of Two It’s not always your fault you can’t shed those extra pounds. If you are like most people, this isn’t your first weight loss rodeo. You’ve exercised, counted calories, cut out fat, then cut out protein, and now even carbs. Maybe the weight came off, but chances are you’ve regained most, if not all, of what you lost. I want to encourage you: YOU can lose the Read More

Are Hormones Making You Fat?

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Take back control and slim down. As women, we know that our hormones can all too often be the culprit behind a variety of issues. Whether it’s breakouts you can’t believe you’re still having or that bloat that seems to always pop up at the most inconvenient times, they can certainly cause us grief. As you’d imagine, those pesky hormones can also be behind weight gain and the inability to Read More

The Cortisol Connection: Stress Less to Weigh Less

Stress isn’t just wearing you down, it’s making you fat! And, you likely have cortisol to blame. One of the main adrenal hormones secreted to provide energy in response to stress, Cortisol stimulates the release of protein from muscle so it can be converted to glucose, inhibits protein synthesis, increases the release of fatty acids from fat tissue and stimulates the conversion of noncarbohydrates to glucose. All of the resulting Read More

Try My Fat Flush Hunger Fix

A one day menu and recipes to fight insulin/leptin resistance. The distinct metabolic effects of subcutaneous fat (the “loose” fat on the hips, thighs, and butt) and visceral fat (hard belly fat) are not created equal. My Fat Flushing Smoothie Shakedown is an equal opportunity fat blaster. It addresses both the leptin resistance secreted by excess subcutaneous fat and the inflammation produced from hard belly fat which can lead to insulin resistance. Leptin, as you may recall, is the hunger hormone that fires up metabolism. Read More

Fight Insulin Resistance and the Hunger Hormone

The bodybuilders’ secret to healthy muscles is the key. The number one cause of the number one health crisis of our time, the “diabesity epidemic“, is relatively simple— all those empty calories, refined carbs (rice, pasta, bread, cold cereals), and liquid calories from sports drinks, sodas, and juice that we consume day after day! Affecting almost 1 in 2 Americans, and up to 2 billion people world wide, this epidemic Read More

Chia – The Seed that Supercharges

Boost Weight Loss  and Endurance, Fight Diabetes and Fatigue with Chia. Remember “chi, chi, chia,” that jingle for Chia Pets? Well, the seeds themselves are tiny powerhouses of nutrition. Rich in essential fats (EFAs), chia seed offers a healthy balance—30% omega 3s and 40% omega 6s. It’s also a great source of both soluble and insoluble fiber, swelling in water and providing a feeling of fullness while helping to sweep toxins Read More