The First Lady of Nutrition welcomes intermittent fasting coach and author, Laurie Lewis. For Laurie, menopause dealt a crushing blow — brain fog, lack of balance, memory loss, and the sudden gain of 50 pounds of stubborn hormonal fat. She tried everything she knew to feel better, and the methods that worked in the past made no difference. After four years of struggle, Laurie stumbled upon intermittent fasting and started fasting that very same day. The menopausal fog lifted in less than one week, she had more energy and felt more “like herself,” and lost 51 pounds in 15 months which she has kept it off for years! Join Ann Louise and Laurie Lewis as they discuss how intermittent fasting, or time restricted eating, is simply a pattern of eating and not eating, and how taking a conscious pause from eating allows the body a much-needed healing rest for the gut, organs, brain, blood, and hormones. It’s the digestive, hormonal, and metabolic rest our bodies require and the opportunity for our hormones to balance and function optimally.  According to Lewis, the good news is that whether you’re a woman in your 40s, 50s, 60s, or beyond, intermittent fasting can make a huge difference not just for weight loss, but for the autophagy (deep cellular repair), gut health benefits, and mental clarity that comes with time restricted eating. For more information check out:

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