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Red is the New Green

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Weight loss, improved digestion, and more. We often associate green with health and nutrition, but what about red? I have one specific rich-colored veggie in mind that you simply must add to your weekly menus. It’s tasty, versatile, and, of course, as nutritious as can be. Can you guess? It’s one of the most regenerative foods for your body—beets! It’s hard to keep up with their ever-expanding list of benefits, Read More

The Iron Elephant in the Room

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Supplementation—should you or shouldn’t you? Iron is a double edged sword. On the one hand, it is said to make red blood cells and functions as the oxygen transport system of the body. Once iron is absorbed into the bloodstream, it’s ultimately stored in the ferritin molecule. But, on the other hand, it fuels bacteria, virus, and parasites. Unless iron is eliminated through blood loss, as in the case of Read More

Iron: The Double-Edged Mineral

Too much or too little can be harmful to your health. Iron is one heavy-duty mineral. As many of you know, iron is used to make red blood cells—the oxygen transport system of the body. Once iron is absorbed into the bloodstream, it is stored in the ferritin molecule. Unless the iron is eliminated through blood loss as in the case of menstruation, child birth, physical injury or blood donation, Read More

Are Restless Legs Keeping You Awake?

Minerals Support Sound Sleep. A metabolic sleep disorder that causes tingling, twitching, creeping sensations, cramps, burning, or aches in the lower limbs, Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) is a common problem. It can develop at any time—but mostly strikes from middle age on. New research reports that the overall prevalence of this sleep disorder is 23 percent—much higher than previously believed. “Some risk factors for restless legs syndrome appear to be Read More

What Women Really Need (Besides Love)

6 Essential Female Vitamins for All Ages and Stages. “A doctor would rather treat ten men than one woman,” goes an ancient Chinese adage. While women tend to live longer, that doesn’t make their journey any easier! To keep their shape and long-term health, females have to squeeze a lot of nutrition into fewer calories. Because they have more body fat and slower metabolic rates than the opposite sex, it’s easier Read More

When Water Becomes Dangerous to Your Health

Showerhead Alert! Dirty showers may be more frightening than Alfred Hitchcock’s classic scene in “Psycho.” New research finds that 30 percent of the “gunk” collecting in showerheads throughout the country has high levels of Mycobacterium avium, which can cause lung infections. This bacteria forms a microfilm that clings to the inside of the showerhead. As it builds up inside, levels of M. avium in the shower can be 100 times Read More