How James Keeps Beating Cancer – Episode 144: James Templeton

How James Keeps Beating Cancer – Episode 144: James Templeton

Join the First Lady of Nutrition in an extraordinary podcast episode as she welcomes back James Templeton, a remarkable 36+ year cancer survivor. James’ journey of healing himself from a terminal stage 4 melanoma cancer diagnosis using alternative medicine and healing modalities serves as the basis for his visionary work as the founder of Uni Key Health Systems and most recently as the creator of the Templeton Wellness Foundation. In this inspiring conversation, Ann Louise and James delve into James’ personal battle against late-stage cancer, highlighting his creation of the Templeton Wellness Foundation and its invaluable resources for fighting and overcoming cancer through holistic and alternative approaches. From other cancer survivor stories to interviews with leading experts in integrative and functional medicine, James explores a wide range of cutting-edge therapies and strategies. These include Vitamin C IV therapy, enzyme therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, ozone, the renowned Budwig protocol, the Gerson program, the fenbendazole (dog dewormer) phenomenon, personalized nutritional supplementation and so much more!  Prepare to be uplifted and discover a renewed sense of hope in the realm of alternative health and healing as James Templeton shares his incredible journey and mission. James also touches upon the creation of The Templeton List – a guide to the healthiest restaurants in America. Check it out at: Visit to get a glimpse of James’ inspiring story. Visit to learn more about James’ non-profit foundation. 

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