The First Lady of Nutrition welcomes Dr. Jerry Tennant, a true renaissance man! He is one of the most awarded ophthalmologists of his generation as well as a scholar, inventor, humanitarian, innovator, healer, teacher, entrepreneur, and historian. Dr. Tennant shares his personal story of overcoming a debilitating viral infection which catapulted him to not only find solutions for his own recovery but go on to make an amazing discovery. Ann Louise and her guest waste no time in diving into Dr. Tennant’s ‘Healing is Voltage” ™ landmark series of books. According to Dr. Tennant, the body is constantly wearing itself out and many people cannot heal their chronic illnesses because they never investigate their electromagnetic levels. Through endless research, Dr. Tennant has discovered that chronic disease occurs when the body is low in voltage, lacks proper nutrition, and thus cannot promote healing. The issues that contribute to low voltage include dental infections, toxins, scars, thyroid imbalances, and emotions. Join Ann Louise and this world leader in integrative and functional medicine as they engage in a fascinating discussion about Dr. Tennant’s simple protocols to reset your body’s “battery system” and add proper voltage back into your cells.

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