Prepare to be inspired as The First Lady of Nutrition, Ann Louise Gittleman, welcomes Brenda Stockdale, a nationally recognized pioneer in Behavioral Medicine, for a captivating conversation on the power of mind-body medicine. Ann Louise and Brenda delve into the practical application of holistic health principles and shed light on the foundational tenets of Brenda’s acclaimed book, “You Can Beat the Odds: Surprising Factors Behind Chronic Illness & Cancer.” They will unravel the intricate connection between our mindset, emotions, and physical well-being, providing you with practical tools to harness the transformative potential of hope. As Ann Louise and Brenda explore the fascinating research on ‘survivor traits,’ you’ll gain valuable insights on how to cultivate resilience and bounce back stronger after facing life-threatening illnesses. Be inspired by a brief look at the life and wisdom of psychiatrist and Holocaust survivor, Viktor Frankl, as his remarkable journey serves as a guiding light in understanding the human spirit’s resilience. For more information and to dive deeper into Brenda Stockdale’s groundbreaking work, visit

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