Join the First Lady of Nutrition for a rare and revealing interview with Dr. John Parks Trowbridge, a prominent authority in the realm of health and medicine. Renowned as a lecturer, speaker, and specialist in autoimmune health, Dr. Trowbridge also serves as Ann Louise Gittleman’s personal physician. In this captivating podcast, Dr. Trowbridge shatters medical norms, exploring the intricate links between yeast, fungus, mold, and their connection to many of the perplexing symptoms experienced by an increasing number of autoimmune-challenged individuals. Dr. Trowbridge addresses the resurgence of modern health challenges and candidly examines the impact of what he calls the ‘Deplorable Diet’, a modern trend. He also discusses his recommendation of a precise test to identify blood markers of ‘blood fungus’, a term he coined for blood markers that reveal the presence of infection. Whether seeking answers to unexplained symptoms or holistic health insights, this podcast interview offers invaluable perspectives. Dr. John Parks Trowbridge’s wealth of experience provides a unique lens to understand health and nutrition’s intricate dance.

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