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The Toxic Truth About MRI

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Marcie Jacob was a fighter. Her story starts in 2001, with her first MRI. She had a strong family history of breast cancer, and decided that regular MRI screening was her best option for prevention. Before each MRI, she was injected with a Gadolinium-based contrast agent, to make images as clear and detailed as possible. After only a few scans, she started experiencing unusual cognitive symptoms. Soon she found herself Read More

Sometimes It Really Is All In Your Head

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The single blow that can change your life. Every time I turn on the news these days, it seems like there is another athlete coming forward with major mental health issues linked to a history of concussions—so many so that as of this week there are now more than 1,000 former NFL players suing the league for inadequate post-concussion care. Many of these concussions have caused former pro athletes to Read More