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Thyroid Toxins Hidden in Plain Sight

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Detox your thyroid to recharge your energy and boost your metabolism. Thyroid is a big deal. In fact, the latest issue of Woman’s World magazine ran this eye-catching headline: “THYROID DETOX, Boost Metabolism 53%! Lose 15 lbs in 14 days!” So, it’s clear that thyroid is linked to weight loss and a whole host of other issues. Let’s take a closer look. Over 21 billion pounds of toxic chemicals are Read More

Is Your Coffee Toxic?

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Is your coffee an antioxidant-rich superfood or is it overloaded with toxins? I was thrilled to add coffee to my new QuickStart program for its fat-burning weight loss effects. Powerful antioxidants like chlorogenic acid are especially good for women over 40, with its cholesterol lowering, insulin stabilizing, and heart protective effects (read more here). But as the feedback has poured in from thousands who were as excited as I’ve been Read More

It’s Time to Claim Your QuickStart to a Radical Metabolism

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Kickoff Spring with a brand new you! What if you could spring your metabolism forward as easily as you spring forward your clock? Well, you CAN with my brand new Spring Kickoff. It’s called QuickStart: Your Guide to a Radical Metabolism. This new program will be featured in April’s issue of Woman’s World magazine! QuickStart is the bridge between my New York Times bestselling Fat Flush Plan–which launched the detox Read More