The First Lady of Nutrition welcomes Ross Pelton, aka The Natural Pharmacist, to discuss Rapamycin, the most effective life extension drug that has ever been discovered. Ann Louise and Ross waste no time diving into the science behind it. In layman’s terms, Ross expounds on the relationship between mTOR and autophagy (your body’s process of reusing old and damaged cell parts) and how the topics discussed in his fascinating new book, “Rapamycin, mTOR, Autophagy & Treating mTOR Syndrome,” provide us with a totally new understanding of metabolism, health, and the aging process. As Ross explains, the ratio between mTOR and autophagy is severely out of balance in most people living today, and he has named this condition ‘mTOR Syndrome.’ Rapamycin helps correct the mTOR/autophagy ratio, which slows down the onset of virtually all age-related diseases. The goal is not just life extension, it is increased health span!

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