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Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

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Part One of Two It’s not always your fault you can’t shed those extra pounds. If you are like most people, this isn’t your first weight loss rodeo. You’ve exercised, counted calories, cut out fat, then cut out protein, and now even carbs. Maybe the weight came off, but chances are you’ve regained most, if not all, of what you lost. I want to encourage you: YOU can lose the Read More

The Hormone Rescuer

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Restore your calm during the change—and after. If you’re in the throes of perimenopause or otherwise feeling betrayed by your body, there is relief in sight. You might not even realize that you’re experiencing deficiency-related symptoms. Do any of the following resonate with you? • Anxiety • Apathy • Body odor increase • Concentration problems • Constipation • Depression • Irritability • Memory loss • Muscle cramps • Muscle tremors Read More

Summer Wellness from the Ground Up

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Reconnect to the Earth daily. As a society, we seem to be so disconnected. We view moments happening right in front of us through the screen of a phone while we snap photos, we spend our “social time” online, and we don’t get out and about in the great outdoors nearly as much as we’d like. As you’d imagine, this is taking a toll on our health and well-being. Most of Read More

Take the Edge Off, Naturally

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Holistic anxiety and stress support. Let’s face it—we live during stressful times. These days, we can just turn on our televisions or login to any given social media and we are submerged into a barrage of instant news that is often upsetting and troubling. Plus, our lives seem to consistently move at seemingly a million miles per hour. Between worry for our world, finishing our to-do lists and planning for Read More

Why Stress Is Making You Fat, Frazzled, and Frustrated

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Stop the Stress Fat Cycle Once and For All. Quick, ask yourself the following questions: Are you hypothyroid? Constantly fighting belly fat and blood sugar highs and lows? Infections, allergies, and sensitivities to environmental triggers got you down? Crave caffeine, sugar, and/or salt for quick energy? Tired all day and wired before bed? Overwhelmed by stress and easily irritable? Trouble sleeping through the night? Suffering from “night owl” syndrome or Read More

Resolve to Stress Less in 2014

Yoga, deep breathing, and “letting go” can be a big help. A recent review of research into the effects of acute and chronic stress clearly—and consistently—identifies the damage it does to the immune system and cardiovascular health. First, stress impacts endothelial (the inner lining of the blood vessels) function and the way the body responds to pathogens and toxins. One study at VA San Diego Healthcare System shows that psychological Read More

The Cortisol Connection: Stress Less to Weigh Less

Stress isn’t just wearing you down, it’s making you fat! And, you likely have cortisol to blame. One of the main adrenal hormones secreted to provide energy in response to stress, Cortisol stimulates the release of protein from muscle so it can be converted to glucose, inhibits protein synthesis, increases the release of fatty acids from fat tissue and stimulates the conversion of noncarbohydrates to glucose. All of the resulting Read More

Top 5 Fat Traps

Ignore these and you’ll find yourself on a never-ending cycle. Since my days at The Pritikin Longevity Center during the fat-free craze of the 1980s, I’ve been a firm believer that weight gain is far more complex than just “calories in, calories out.” In fact, this quest for underlying causes has been what’s fueled the last 25 years of my research and the concepts behind over 30 books. From hormone Read More

Tis the Season to Be Jolly…Or Not?

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For some, the holidays means heartache. For most people it means a joyous time, overflowing with family gatherings, beautiful decorations, wonderful gifts, food and drink, and revered memories of our own childhood. It’s a special time for love, intimacy, and matters of the heart. Sad as it may be, “tis the season to be jolly” is not a welcome refrain for a high percentage of the population. For those of us who Read More

6 Feel-Good Foods to Improve Your Mood

How to eat your way out of stress…literally. Like it or not, what you eat makes a difference when it comes to your mental health. A study in the British Journal of Psychiatry found that people with a diet high in processed foods had a 58% higher risk of depression than those who ate very few processed foods. While a poor diet can negatively impact your metabolism and brain chemistry, Read More