Thiamine, better known as Vitamin B1, isn’t just a nutrient—it may just be the key to modern day healing of neurological disease. The First Lady of Nutrition welcomes Dr. Chandler Marrs, health researcher, author and an authority in thiamine deficiency. Ann Louise and Dr, Marrs waste no time diving into a captivating discussion about the mitochondria—the powerhouse within every cell of our body that produces the energy essential for life.  Dr. Marrs unveils the stark reality of what she calls modern-day Beriberi, attributing thiamine deficiency to a host of culprits: processed foods, seed oils, sugar, pharmaceuticals, and even household pollutants. Together, they explore the profound connection between thiamine deficiency and heart disease, as well as the fascinating intersection of thiamine deficiency and neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Huntington’s, and MS. Dr. Marrs candidly addresses the impact of alcohol on thiamine uptake, emphasizing that one need not be a hardcore alcoholic to suffer its damaging consequences, and how even a glass of wine every night can inhibit the uptake of thiamine. Tune in to learn why correcting a thiamine deficiency is absolutely imperative. Thiamine is not just a nutrient—it’s the vital force that can transform the landscape of your health. Chandler Marrs, PhD is the founder and editor of the online health journal Hormones Matter which boasts a rich archive of over 1400 articles including in-depth research analysis and patient case stories. For more information check out:

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