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The Standard American Diet Is “SAD” For A Reason – Ditch It For Weight Loss

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Though it’s no great secret that the Standard American Diet is “SAD” for a reason, the data is nothing short of eye opening. A “Standard American Diet” study published by the National Cancer Institute revealed that a  staggering three out of four Americans do not so much as touch a piece of fruit during any given day, let alone consume the daily recommended servings. Even worse, nine out of ten Read More

The Unique Link between Organ Function and Fat Storage

Dear Friends, Today I woke up thinking about….fat. Body fat, to be exact. I am researching a new project – which I think you’re gonna love – and apparently there is some interesting research that links storage sites to glandular and hormone functioning. Years ago, I explored the ayurvedic system of body typing based on Dr. Abravanel’s work. For example, if you are two sizes bigger on the bottom than Read More