Fabulous Fixes for Your 8 Most Frustrating Beauty Problems

April 8, 2015
Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, CNS

Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, CNS

Award-winning nutritionist and New York Times bestselling author.

Unlock the Keys to More Vibrant Hair, Skin & Nails

Spring is in the air and it’s time to freshen up your beauty routine.

Here are some simple solutions for your most troubling hair, skin and nail concerns.

Complexion Rx: Goodbye Facial hair!

A lack of natural progesterone can create excess facial hair, no matter what your age or stage of life.

In the teens and twenties, thirties and forties, a lack of ovulation in a skipped period can cause the adrenal cortex to secrete the androgen (steroid) hormone androstenedione as an alternative chemical precursor for the manufacture of progesterone.

This steroid is associated with some male characteristics, one which is male-pattern baldness.

But when your progesterone level is raised with natural progesterone cream, your androstenedione level will gradually decline and the excess facial hair will become finer and begin to disappear.

For women in their teens and twenties, ¼ teaspoon natural progesterone cream ( 20 mg) should be applied once or twice daily beginning on the twelfth day after the first day of the menstrual flow through the twenty-sixth day, stopping during the period.

For women in their thirties and forties, I recommend taking a natural progesterone cream in the amount of ¼ teaspoon applied once or twice daily beginning on the seventh day after the first day of menstrual flow through the twenty-seventh day and stopping during the period.

In older women (fifty and above) who are no longer menstruating, estrogen dominance can create a progesterone deficiency, resulting in excessive hair growth and facial whiskers. For women in this age group, ¼ teaspoon natural progesterone cream should be applied once or twice daily for a maximum of twenty-five consecutive days, resuming after a five-day break.

Too much sugar or carbohydrate intake (white flour bagels, muffins, pasta, and bread) can produce excessive facial hair. Carbohydrates increase the secretion of insulin, a hormone that can trigger the adrenals to secrete the androgens testosterone and androstenedione, which are responsible for hair growth on the face.

Complexion Rx: So Long Enlarged Pores!

One of the tried and true fixes to shrink enlarged pores is the egg white and lemon juice facial mask. Beat one egg white and mix with lemon juice.

You might also consider BeauCle Cleanser which contains Camelina Sativa Seed oil (highest in omega-3s and vitamin E) to help remove oily impurities from the pores so that they can shrink. A fan of the cleanser Helen recently noted that “BeauCle has filled in my large pores, the pores are not collecting sebaceous oil now.”

Increase vitamin B6 to at least 50-100 mg a day—it’s a major suppressor of excess sebum.

Complexion Rx: No More Blotchy Skin!

Check out hormone imbalances, especially the estrogen-copper connection. Excess copper is often connected to estrogen dominance which can trigger skin hypersensitivity.

By increasing zinc which is a precursor to progesterone (sources include eggs, red meat and pumpkin seeds) and omitting high-copper foods like tea, seafood, chocolate, cashews and sunflower seeds you’ll be able to bring your skin into better balance.

One of my clients who suffered from blotchy skin for many years shared this easy recipe for blotchy skin. She mixed one part cider vinegar to eight parts distilled water and used it as a toner. It not only reduced redness, but evened out her entire skin tone by increasing the acidity in her skin mantle to pH 5.5 which drew more blood to her face.

Complexion Rx: Eliminate Rosacea!

Rosacea may be related to H. Pylori or hydrochloric acid (HCl) deficiency.

  1. Pylori is a bacterial infection that has been connected to ulcers and gastric cancers. It can be treated with mastic gum. I suggest 1000 mg per day on an empty stomach for two weeks along with at least one to two tablespoons daily of coconut oil, high in antimicrobial lauric acid.

An HCl supplement can eradicate broken capillaries on the cheeks and help with protein and mineral digestion.

BeauCle Corrective Crème which has demonstrated the ability to calm redness on the skin contains the healing botanical Centipeda cunninghamii, very strong anti-inflammatory.

Last but not least, applying essential fatty acid GLA topically can make major strides in reinforcing the skin’s moisture barrier and protecting against redness. Pop open a GLA supplement gelcap like GLA-90 and apply directly to your skin.

Complexion Rx: Sayonara Scars!

By taking the supplement MSM (methylsulfonylmethane), some individuals have noticed reduced scarring, whether the supplement or topical form is used. You can take 2 to 8 grams of MSM daily. (The amount will vary upon your gastrointestinal tolerance.) MSM is available in crystal form from local health food stores.

One of the best topical remedies to prevent against scarring has always been vitamin E, 400-800 mg placed directly on the scar.

Please note that all three of the BeauCle products contain the Omega-rich Sea Buckthorn oil. It offers the specialized omega-7 which is very important to support collagen production to help diminish scarring.

Or, try supplementing with an amino acid combination that contains proline—known to support and stabilize collagen production. You can also supplement with proline alone in a 500 mg capsule; use one twice a day between meals.

Complexion Rx: Wipe Away Wrinkles!

Magnesium is one of the most important hydrating and calming nutrients for beautiful skin (400-800 mg per day).  A water-bearing mineral, magnesium is under-rated for its ability to keep the skin plumped up and hydrated. It works in conjunction with vitamin B6 and antioxidant nutrients like Pycnogenol or grapefruit seed extract in preventing wrinkles. Great natural sources of magnesium are chamomile tea and almonds.

Having a vitamin A deficiency can lower the mucopolsaccharides in your skin and consequently speed up aging. A maximum dose of 25,000 IU of vitamin A daily helps fight wrinkles and maintain internal moisture. And be sure to eat foods rich in vitamin A, like carrots, sweet potatoes, leafy greens, peaches and apricots.

Beaucle Corrective Crème contains a natural “Botox” cosmeceutical from the Acmella oleracea plant works by relaxing your facial muscles to minimize the microscopic involuntary contractions that cause crow’s feet, expression, and laugh lines.

Hair Rx: Banish Thinning Hair!

Biotin is my go-to remedy for preventing hair from thinning and falling out. A high-dose 5 mg biotin is my general recommendation.

Since hair is 98 percent protein, make sure you are eating enough lean meat, fish and poultry. But remember protein can’t be digested without sufficient hydrochloric acid (HCL). I recommend taking two capsules with every protein meal. Fat Flush Whey Protein provides a very digestible form of protein. It’s unheated to preserve all the fragile amino acids and it’s free of GMOs, pesticides and heavy metals.

Have your thyroid checked or take a tissue mineral hair analysis test to determine if your thyroid function is low. Low thyroid has been correlated with hair loss.

Add a couple of drops of essential oils like clary, sage, rosemary or ylang-ylang to your shampoo or conditioner.

Last but not least, make sure you’re taking at least one to two tablespoons of essential fat from fish oil or flax oil.

Nails Rx: Strengthen Brittle Nails!

Biotin is just as helpful to restore healthy nails as it is for thinning hair.

In addition, eating one to two eggs (omega-3 enriched) gives you the beautifying amino acid cysteine, which contains sulfur and binds the strains of nail protein (keratin) together to give you strong nails.

Get thee some Gelatin! Gelatin can be extremely helpful for strengthening nails. Gelatin contains mucopolsaccharides and the amino acid proline, which regenerate tissue on a cellular level and support collagen. I suggest taking 1-2 tablespoons in a glass of water daily of Great Lakes Collagen. It is a high quality collagen available at health food stores.

The right kind of fat in the diet works wonders for poor nail health. At least 2,000 mg of GLA per day can help restore nails back to health.

Nails are porous and can absorb lots of water. In fact, your nails can absorb 20 percent to 25 percent of their own weight in water. This is why immersing nails in water takes its toll and causes them to become brittle. Try a waxy shea butter lip balm from the health food store to seal and waterproof nails. My secret is Burt’s Bees lip gloss.


Do you have natural tips for beautiful hair, skin or nails you would like to share?


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  1. Sue

    I read on an holistic website that castor oil rubbed on the scalp and eyebrows will help with regrowth of hair what is your take on this?

  2. Team ALG

    Worth a try, Sue! THAT and some thyroid support might do wonders for hair growth on scalp and brows.

  3. rubab

    What about uneven skin tone and age/sun spots on light brown skin tone

  4. Team ALG

    Rubab: The Beau Cle Overnight Corrective Creme has helped many with your condition as would cutting down on copper, taking a strong antioxidant and incorporating L-Carnosine into your supplement regimen.

  5. Liz

    Thank you Ann Louise, these are all great tips. My favorite facial exfoliator is almond meal. I just put a tablespoon into my hand, add a little water and gently apply it to my damp face. I do upward circles on my face and throat, then rinse with warm water and look at the rosey glow on my skin. I always follow it with BeauCle Corrective Creme.


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