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October 22, 2015

Preventing Breast Cancer With Expert Diet, Supplement & Lifestyle Tips

“You have breast cancer” are four of the most devastating words a woman can hear.

October is the month when the entire world is talking about breast cancer awareness. Breast cancer is the second most prevalent cancer in American women, so it’s time to talk prevention!

Besides maintaining a healthy weight and exercising for at least 45 minutes on most days, there are a number of things you can do to protect yourself.

Sweet Salvation

First off, cut out the sugar.  Sugar is cancer’s favorite food.  Nobel Laureate Dr. Otto Warburg discovered that cancer cell metabolism is significantly different than that of healthy cells.  Cells in malignant tumors utilize sugar to survive and thrive while healthy cells find it toxic.

Make a promise to yourself to eliminate high fructose corn syrup, refined sugar and agave.  Limit your use of natural sweeteners like honey, grade B maple syrup and blackstrap molasses but feel free to indulge in stevia, which actually helps balance blood sugar.

Managing blood glucose levels through a diet like my Fat Flush Plan, supplements containing berberine, chromium and biotin, as well as lower intensity endurance exercise will help starve cancer to death.

Superfood Saviors

Cancer cells will self-destruct when you include at least a half cup daily of berries.  Blueberries, raspberries and strawberries are rich in ellagic acid, a phytonutrient shown to inhibit the growth and spread of cancer cells.

Cruciferous vegetables like kale, cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower, contain the compound DIM (Diindolymethane—which is a metabolite of Indole-3-Carbinol). This powerhouse-protector stops tumor growth in its tracks.  Aim to include at least a half cup daily of these invaluable veggies cooked.

Green tea offers a particular type of protective flavonoid called catechins that slows down tumor growth and stops the invasion of healthy tissue by cancer.  Choose only organic, fair-trade green tea and enjoy 1-2 cups each day.

Superior Supplements

When it comes to supplements, the most crucial and effective that comes to mind is iodine.  Countless research studies provide strong evidence that women who lack iodine are much more prone to developing cancer.

Although commonly associated with the thyroid, it is less well known that iodine is more concentrated in breast tissue than in the thyroid.  Low iodine levels lead to elevated estrogen production that puts breast health in jeopardy and raises the risk of endometrial and ovarian cancer to boot.  Sufficient iodine levels, however, are associated with a decreased negative impact of estrogen on breast tissue.

Decades ago when most bread was a rich source of iodine, a women’s chance of developing breast cancer was 1 in 20.  Bromide has replaced iodine in commercial baking, and breast cancer prevalence is now 1 in 8 women.

In a landmark animal study of iodine in thyroid and breast tissue, esteemed researcher Dr. Bernard Eskin discovered that when breast tissue was deficient in iodine, excess estrogen was more likely to cause cancer.  He also found that iodine not only protects breast health, but it can even reverse pre-cancerous changes in breast tissue!

Many experts, including research endocrinologist Guy Abraham, strongly believe that we need as much as 100 times more iodine than the 150 mcg typically recommended.

Studies show that women who are about 110 pounds may need as much as 5 mg of iodine per day for breast health.  Thankfully, Dr. Abraham developed a high potency iodine/potassium iodide supplement in tablet form.  The supplement is Iodoral and it contains 12.5 mg of iodine in each tablet.  One tablet per day may be appropriate for most women.

Breast cancer and impaired thyroid function are just two of the clinical disorders resulting from iodine deficiency.  Lack of this invaluable element has been linked to hypertension, obesity, diabetes, cardiac arrhythmia, sleep apnea, and polycystic ovarian syndrome.

Lifestyle Love

If you haven’t already, it’s time to go smokeless.  Take measures to quit tobacco by utilizing free programs in your area. The Stop Smoking Center may be a great place to begin.

Limit your indulgence in alcohol to one drink per day.   When you do imbibe, choose an organic red wine to reap the benefits of protective flavonals and concentrated antioxidants.

As man-made wireless frequencies are increasingly linked to tumor growth, I beg you—do not keep your cell phone in your bra!  Your purse in the best place to store it and protect it with a Defender Shield protective case.

It may be a good idea to talk to your health care practitioner about breast health.  Genetic testing can help predict your predisposition to breast cancer.  If you carry one of the more common genetic mutations, like the BRCA gene, you could be at a higher risk.

For women under 40 years old, ultrasound is the preferred method of diagnostic screening.  If you are more than 40 years old, discuss the benefits and risks of mammogram screening with your doctor. New research shows that mammograms may not be as accurate and some doctors are now recommending thermography or sonograms instead. You may wish to share this article with your health care provider >>,-review-concludes.html

Wishing you the very best in health during this and every month!  Please comment below with your questions or feedback.

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  1. micaela beckwith

    What about Nigella Sativa, better known as black seed oil, plus Boswellia Serrata/Frankincense oil and adding cilantro and oregano to your diet?

    • Ann Louise e

      Hi Micaela:

      Thank you for posting. All of these items have sound research behind them, so I would give them an AOK!!

  2. Liz

    The information on iodine is so helpful. I’m glad to know about about the amount that is best to take. Thank you for this great blog!

  3. Hannah

    Thank you for talking about this! There are so many things we can do to prevent breast cancer that are just simple lifestyle changes, no one even things about! I think diet is so important. You’re wonderful Ann Louise, keep up the work!

    • Ann Louise

      Thank you Hannah for your kind comment.

  4. arlene

    I have metastatic breast cancer so was interested to read about iodine “Iodoral”. You said it has potassium in it, I have a high potassium level so do not know if I should take it. I am interested in what you suggest I take for this cancer. I am on the drug Arimidex and I am estrogen positive. Thank you for your help. I respect your comments. Thank you.

    • Ann Louise

      Hi Arlene: Thank you for your comment. The potassium iodide in the Iodoral product does not necessarily raise potassium in your body. I believe that it may be helpful for you, but do consult with your healthcare practitioner. You might also consider the DIM supplement which helps to metabolize excess estrogens in the liver. The dosage recommendations are usually on the bottle. I KNOW you will overcome your cancer challenge, Arlene – my thoughts and prayers are with you.


  5. Sarah

    I take iodine (iodoral and/or lugol’s) 50mg daily. I follow Dr. David Brownstein’s protocol. It is important to take vitamin c, magnesium, selenium and unrefined salt to prevent detox symptoms. I had breast cysts but after a year or more of taking iodine, I no longer feel them. I believe that it is protective against cancer.

    • Ann Louise

      Thank you for your comment, Sarah! Selenium is so very important to stop tumor growth!

  6. Lisa L

    I ordered one Defender shield for my ipad and I am getting a second one for my son’s ipad. This is extremely important to have for protection. Thank you for this source!

  7. Rosina

    Thank you Louise
    Reading your article on this morning’s post has been a total eye opener and has left me in tears.Have been batteling so many symptoms and years of searching for help only to discover most of my issues relate back to my gallbladder which was removed in the mid seventies have psoriasis left hip replacement (osteo Arthritis0
    not able to loose weight no matter how little I eat was diagnosed with breast cancer 2 years ago left Breast mastectomy chemo and am now taking arimidex
    had my appendix removed at 12 years of age (now 71)so I could go on and on
    I suppose I am a typical example of modern medicine
    Thanks again will certainly go and by the book



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