Read My Lips: Face Reading for Health

October 31, 2017
Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, CNS

Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, CNS

Award-winning nutritionist and New York Times bestselling author.

Your health is written all over your face.

You can read your face like a book.  And that’s what my good friend and award-winning author Rebecca Wood did for me several weeks ago. I was so impressed, I asked her to share her face reading secrets with you.

Here’s what she told me:

Traditional Chinese Medicine has developed an uncanny and powerful system of correspondences between outward signs and the internal organs. Like one point on a hologram, each facial characteristic contains information about the whole system. As you will see with Face Reading, you can identify relevant facial indicators and then make appropriate dietary and lifestyle shifts to recharge your health and natural beauty.

While you have facial indicators from your hairline to your chin, in this blog we’ll focus on the mouth region only. For example, your mouth is the starting point of your alimentary canal and its indicators reflect the health of your gastrointestinal tract. Just like the proverbial canary in the coal mine, lips speak volumes about your digestive health.

When your diet and lifestyle are right for you, your vital energy and innate beauty shine through unhindered. But if you’re not in balance, if there’s an energetic snarl from a poor diet or lifestyle, then your face announces it—and in specific detail. Face Reading decodes the messages our lips and faces reveal. It is a fascinating study based on 2500 years of observation and research.

The Power of Before and After Photos

Rebecca has been practicing the traditional art of Face Reading for 48 years. First, she reads a client’s photo, assesses his or her intake information, and then suggests relevant diet and lifestyle modifications. A month later he or she sends a new photo and they delight in the increased well-being and desired facial shifts. You’ll see an example in the last two photos below.

Four Healthy Lip Characteristics

But first, to put this in context, let’s consider the norm. When your inner realm thrives then your digestion is good and your lips will display the following features:

  • Smooth – not wrinkled, ridged, bubbly, wet or chapped
  • Uniform light red or pink color, relative to facial color
  • Equal size
  • Precisely defined borders surrounded by normal and uniformly colored skin

Good Nutrition Over Time Changes the Shape of Your Face

To see lips that reflect good digestion, look at photos, statues and portraits prior to the 1950s and the advent of the industrialized food system. Or imagine measuring the length of Gloria Swanson’s diminutive and well-defined lips or those of Charlie Chaplin or Ingrid Bergman. An old-timer could not smile from ear to ear, as Mick Jagger and Angelina Jolie seemingly can. With the modern diet we see a shift in mouth size and characteristics from what was the historical norm.

Below you will see two contemporary photos showing mouth regions that reflect both the historical norm and sound digestion. Photos of clients with digestive complaints follow.  And we’ll end this blog with digestion guidelines that will also help you maintain and/or regain beautiful and healthy lips.


Healthy Lips

These lips show all of the signs of health.


  1. Stock photo showing lips that are smooth, uniform in color and size, have clearly defined borders and with surrounding skin that is uniform in color and texture.

Rebecca’s lips also have the four characteristics denoting good digestive health. But, you may ask, what about the wrinkles radiating from her mouth? These creases reveal reduced hormones and so are normal after menopause. She fondly considers them an announcement, as it were, of retirement.

Rebecca's Lips

Another example of healthy lips.


  1. Photo of Rebecca, age 73. Lips are smooth, uniform in size and color and have a precise border with adjacent skin that is uniform in color and texture.

The woman in the photo below complained of fatigue, edema, skin issues, bloating, flatulence and acid reflux.

Lips that Reflect Health Issues

These lips show underlying health issues in the body.


  1. 3. Twenty-eight year-old woman from Bucharest, Romania. Note the bubbles or puckers in the central part of her top lip. Her lips are variable in color and size. Additionally, the central part of her bottom lip is ridged and has an indistinct border with a puffy, pink ledge. 

Concerned about low energy, acne and bloating Rebecca’s last client made the dietary and lifestyle changes that she recommended. Now we can all rejoice for her in the significant improvement of her “After” photo. She now reports:

“I feel like I am in the home stretch of solving this puzzle of my health issues. I really want my lips to look nice, but my bottom lip still has some fuzzy red border and puffiness. I feel amazingly great eating this way. And no more acne or bloating. It’s exciting!”

The Before Photo

Before – with health issues.


  1. Before consultation photo of a 34-year-old Australian woman. Her lips are wrinkled and variable in size and color with her top lip an alarming grey color. The central part of her bottom lip is pink while the outer area is whiter. Neither lip has a clearly defined border; additionally the skin below her bottom lip border is puffy and white with some areas of pink. The subtle colors around her mouth include: pink, grey, blue and white.
After her lifestyle changes

After – reflecting her new healthy state.


  1. After diet and lifestyle upgrades.  Overall we see that her lips are becoming more smooth and similar in size. Her top lip color is shifting from grey to a more healthy pink. There is increased border definition and the discolored skin that surrounded her mouth is gaining a slightly golden hue. Note: gold is often a “transition” color; when a dark color recedes and before the skin regains its normal color it may temporarily have a yellowish hue.

Now It’s Your Turn

Look at your photos from childhood onwards. As a youth, the odds are that your lips had the four healthy lip features listed above and that we see in photos and art prior to the 1950s. If over the years they’ve become unequal in size and/or have developed color, border or texture irregularities, this reflects digestive and elimination issues.

The Good News

Not to worry, for here’s the good news: Gut cells regenerate every two to three days. So if you remove the triggers that cause your digestive unease, you can regain your gastrointestinal health. And then flaunt your smackers!

Even though we would wish otherwise, there is no magic bullet, procedure, supplement or single answer to restore gut integrity. However, all of the following will help:

  • Eat easy to digest, freshly prepared, organic, seasonal and regional foods
  • Avoid processed, GMOs, and high-lectin foods
  • Rebuild healthy gut flora
  • Reduce stress

If your mirror reflects less than ideal lips, adjust your diet accordingly and enjoy watching as your lips regain their natural beauty. Indeed we feel and look our best when our digestion and elimination are sound.

Rebecca and I would like to thank her clients who granted permission for their photos to be used.

On Rebecca’s blog you can see Before and After Photos of clients who have regained their digestive health. Or send your photo to her and she will generate your own Face Reading Diet and Health Report.  Rebecca is happy to extend a discount to you, because you are friends of mine. Reports are normally priced at $150, to receive a Reading for only $125, enter the code: nuthatch.  This exclusive offer with a $25 savings is limited; order now.

For more info, please check out Rebecca Wood at She is a Julia Child and James Beard Award-winning author is best known for her The New Whole Foods Encyclopedia. She resides in Ashland, OR.

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