The Brilliant Bile Cure

March 28, 2017

Discover the quickest and easiest fat and toxin eliminator.

It’s all about the bile.

If any of these symptoms are plaguing you, then building better bile is just what this nutritionist orders:

✔ Constipation – CHECK
✔ Fatigue – CHECK
✔ Bitter taste in the mouth – CHECK
✔ Nausea – CHECK
✔ Light colored stools – CHECK
✔ Inability to digest fatty foods – CHECK
✔ Detox problems – CHECK
✔ Hormone havoc – CHECK
✔ Headaches – CHECK
✔ Sciatica-like pains – CHECK
✔ Sleep disorders – CHECK
✔ Tinnitus (ear ringing) – CHECK

The Beauty of Bile

Your liver, in its innate wisdom, synthesizes and secretes about 1 ½ quarts of this miraculous substance on a daily basis and then stores it in the gallbladder. Bile is the daily key to absorbing and assimilating fat as well as serving as the toxic waste dump for excess chemicals, hormones, drugs, heavy metals and other toxins that eventually need to be eliminated by the body.

If you have a persistent roll of fat at your waistline, your liver may have stopped processing fat—due to a bile shortage—and begun storing it!

Remember that fat—not carbohydrates—is the preferred fuel source for your body’s trillions of cells. Even your cell membranes and vital organs are full of fat. That’s why your brain is over 50% fat, your liver is nearly 5 pounds of fat and your kidneys, retinas, and endocrine system are composed of fat.

Without enough bile, your body simply can’t absorb the fat-soluble vitamins like Vitamin A (the infection fighter), Vitamin E (the fertility vitamin), Vitamin K (the bone health healer) and Vitamin D (the healing hormone-like vitamin that increases immunity and wards off breast and colon cancers).

The truth is, you may be able to live without your gallbladder but you can’t be healthy without quality, free-flowing bile. This thick, greenish-yellow fluid plays a critical role in your body’s functions, including:

– Maintaining a healthy cholesterol balance
– Breaking down dietary fats into usable fatty acids
– Helping your body break down dietary cholesterol

The Most Overlooked Detoxifier

Bile is one of the liver’s premier detox mechanisms so the consequences of inadequate bile go far beyond the inability to lose weight. If the liver can’t clear fats, then it most likely can’t break down hormones or other metabolic waste products either, and you can end up with hot flashes, night sweats, cysts, migraines and depression.

To put it another way, bile is one of the most underrated and ignored methods our bodies utilize to move out toxins. The quantity of bile your body makes is directly proportional to the quantity of toxins you can eliminate.

There is already a 75% bile deficiency by the time allergies, arthritis, and inflammation in joints and muscles develop. By the time cancer or chronic illness is diagnosed, a whopping 90% deficit has already occurred.

How to Encourage Bile Production in the Body

To produce the best bile, you need six specific nutrients. These are choline, taurine, beet root, pancreatic lipase, ox bile, and collinsonia root, which are all found in UNI KEY’s Bile Builder.

This is what they do:

Choline: Assists with fat digestion and is the Rx for fatty liver affecting nearly 50% of us.
Taurine: Helps bile to excrete chemicals detoxed by the liver, promotes increased bile acid production and reduces cholesterol levels in the blood and liver.
Beet Root: Contains betaine which thins the bile and helps to prevent the formation of gallstones. Betaine is also a rich source of hydrochloric acid which is critical for digestion and triggers the release of bile from the gallbladder.
Pancreatic Lipase: Helps breakdown fats as a digestive enzyme.
Ox Bile: Provides essential bile salts for those with low bile production or without gallbladders. Bile deficiency is especially common for those over age 60.
Collinsonia Root: Removes gallstones and prevents constipation which results from bile salt supplementation. This herb used traditionally for centuries for this purpose.

Whether you’re one of the millions of Americans who are missing a gallbladder or are having fat digestion or detox issues, bile is your missing link.

Take Their Word for It

“I am 61 and I have gallbladder, but I have digestive issues and I am at a weight plateau with only about 6 pounds to go. I started taking Bile Builder and it has changed my life. My digestive issues are gone! In fact, I forget that I have a stomach. And the scale has begun to move again. Great stuff!!” —Cheryl E.

“I just started taking Bile Builder after undergoing gallbladder removal 2 months ago. I was desperate thinking my digestive system would keep me tethered to a bathroom forever! Now, after 2 weeks of taking this amazing supplement before each meal, my stomach cramping and diarrhea is gone and I’m nearly back to normal eating. I just ordered 3 more bottles; the quality is excellent and the shipments arrive quickly. Thanks for giving me back my freedom!” —Andrea D.

“I have had my gallbladder our for about 14 years. I had heard about using ox bile and enzymes several years ago. I have used different digestive enzyme products and had added in an ox bile supplement this past year. They worked okay, but sometimes I would feel like they weren’t really helping. I have used lots of different supplements to try to help my digestion, but Bile Builder is one of the few that I could really tell a difference with. When I take it with meals I just feel like my digestion works better. I don’t feel as heavy or bloated when I take it. I really think the combination of ingredients makes a difference for me. Trying to take things separately just wasn’t as effective for me. I really like this product.” —gjam

“Bile Builder is helping me keep my gallbladder!!! I was told it needed to come out. It’s now eight weeks later and I’ve had no more pain and still have my gallbladder. I feel great and am now at a point where I’m trying to add more things back into my diet. Still no problems!! I’m a fan!!” —Theresa W.

Bile Builder will deliver 6 stellar miracle workers to your body, helping it to produce and thin bile, as well as get it moving so that it can do its job and not gunk up the bile ducts or form stones.

You may have overlooked bile for years—or even a lifetime—so here’s your chance for some real spring cleaning from the inside out.

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  1. Tina E Cullison


    I’ve been on weight loss program for 14 weeks and have literally not lost a pound. I should be one week away from my 30 pound goal by now. I stumbled across an article today and started wondering if this could be my problem.

    How many pill a day are taken and how long before any changes are seen?

  2. Team ALG

    Hi Tina,

    When you resolve gallbladder issues weight loss becomes much easier. We suggest that you start with 1 capsule of Bile Builder with each meal. See how your symptoms improve. You can double that amount if you wish. People usually notice a difference within a few days to two weeks. For some people it can take up to a month.

    • Alicia Marino

      I have IBS-D which has gotten worse since I have had my gallbladder out. I am often experiencing acid diarrhea. I notice you mention contapation. Will this help stop the diarrhea?

      Alicia Marino

      • Team ALG

        Alicia, many people who do not have their gallbladder and have diarrhea as a symptom have said that the Bile Builder has stopped it.

        • Nadia Masri-Pedersen

          Hi. I have BAM bile acid malabsorption. I’ve been given a prescription to colesevelam. What do you recommend I do? Would this supplement work for me although I have BAM?

          • Team ALG

            Nadia, No, this is a supplement with ox bile so it would not be a good idea to take it. To help break down fat you could take an enzyme combination containing lipase like Digesta-Key

      • Donna

        Can I take bike builder if I have gallstones?

  3. Pam

    How much ox bile is the optimal amount to take daily?

    • Team ALG

      Pam, The amount of ox bile is an individual matter depending on how much of your own bile you have. The general recommendation is to take 100-200 mg per meal.

  4. joel

    Since when does the cells prefer fat for fuel?
    Why does the brain need at least 50g of sugar per day?
    Thank you

    • Team ALG


      The brain cannot directly use fat for energy. Once liver glycogen is depleted, the backup is ketone bodies that the liver derives primarily from fatty acids in your diet or body fat. These ketones, hydroxybutyrate (BHB), acetoacetate and acetone are released into the bloodstream, taken up by the brain and used up as fuel.

  5. Pakeeza

    How much quantity of Ox bile acid powder should be used as topical dosage form (gels) for arthritis ???

    • Team ALG

      Pakeeza, We do not know why ox bile acid powder gel would work topically for arthritis.

  6. Jenny Taylor

    I have been taking 500mg of Taurine every few days and find it always makes me nauseous, yet online there is nothing to suggest that is a side effect. I have been diagnosed recently with severe nickel toxicity, and I have pale or bright orange stools. Is Taurine safe for me to take? Could it be that it is increasing detoxification of the nickel which itself can cause nausea?

    • Team ALG

      Jenny, Yes, taurine is know for helping to detox heavy metals, including nickel. One of the symptoms of nickel toxicity is nausea. Perhaps you would want to reduce the amount of taurine if the nausea is too intense.

    • Taube Becker

      Binders may help. And so would soluble fiber. To bind with the bile and help excrete it with the toxins

  7. Michael

    Could this help with bile reflux? I still have my gallbladder as well.

    • Team ALG

      Michael, While Bile Builder helps your liver produce quality bile, it doesn’t address the causes of bile reflux.

      • Taube Becker

        What do you recommend for bile reflux ? I have a very hard time taking bile. I have not tried it for years because I had such a bad experience. You think Soluble fiber would help ? Thank you

        • Team ALG

          Taube, yes taking soluable fiber could help.

  8. Mary

    Hi! I had my gall bladder out 20 years ago, and adopted a keto diet in the last 5 years or so. I also started having constant diarrhea and was diagnosed with microscopic colitis. I tried every medicine for it and lots of different supplements. I thought I read that not having a gall bladder dumps too much bile into your digestive system and that is what’s causing diarrhea along with the high-fat diet. Would bile salts HELP this? Would I still be able to eat a keto diet too? Have you known anyone with MC that this has helped? And lastly, I read that the supplement( in general) is VILE tasting, is this true? I appreciate any thoughts. Thanks!

  9. Team ALG

    Hi Mary, Yes, having bile salts do help digest the fat and customers without a gallbladder taking Bile Builder have said it helps them with diarrhea. We have customers with colitis who have said it has helped them. People have said they can eat fatty foods when taking Bile Builder. I’m not sure why anyone would say the taste is bad, it’s in a capsule and goes right to your stomach.

  10. Team ALG

    Donna,There are no contraindications taking Bile Builder when you have gallstones.

  11. Karen

    My 71-year-old husband was recently diagnosed with cirrhosis. Will Bile Builder help bring his bilirubin back down to normal range? Currently it is 2.4 but came down from 3.5 a few months ago and down from 5.9 in January. He was on herbal supplements initially and for the last 2 months has been taking Standard Process supplements: choline, A-F beta food and Livaplex. He is stable and feeling good but just want to do all he can for his liver to regenerate. Also, would this be helpful in lowering blood sugar? His is in the 100-125 range. Thank you.
    Thank you.

    • Team ALG

      Bile Builder will help thin the bile to move toxins out of the liver. That could help his bilirubin levels. Liver Lovin formula with taurine, artichoke and chlorophyll. To help with lowering blood sugar the Weight Loss Formula with chromium and Oregon grape root that contains berberine.

  12. Maire

    Hello was wondering can I take bile builder if I have a gallstone causing digestive issues.

    • Web Admin

      Absolutely! It contains ingredients that can help break up gallstones and restore good bile flow.

  13. Rosanne Gulley

    My mom is 87. She was diagnosed with gastroperisi 7 years ago. She does not have a gall bladder. Would Bile Builder be helpful to her. She has been experiencing nausea most days for the last 4 months.



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