The ignored truth about cell phones you need to know.

Imagine if an item you use every day, such as your shoes, was quietly killing you. Day after day you went about your life completely clueless that you were seriously harming your family and yourself. Well, you quite possibly are, and the item isn’t your shoes. In fact, it may be multiple items you use on a daily basis and one is likely hiding in your purse or your pocket, or sitting on the table next to you. It’s your cell phone.

I recently sat down with Goop, Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle blog, and discussed in detail what is being called “the new cigarette.” The cell phone and WiFi epidemic is causing a multitude of health problems for people across the world, including brain tumors and cancer in children.

Below is a snippet from my interview titled Ann Louise Gittleman on Protecting Yourself from Wifi & Cellphone Toxicity.

A Q&A with Ann Louise Gittleman


What are the possible health effects of cell phones after continued use?


The simple truth is that talking or texting on a cell phone uses the same kind of radiofrequency radiation you would find in a microwave. Think of electromagnetic radiation as packets of energy that can carry information, such as a phone call or other communications. It is comprised of frequencies, modulation patterns, and other characteristics that make it biologically disruptive.

Granted, the power level with a phone is considerably less than with a microwave oven, but the frequencies are in the same part of the electromagnetic spectrum. The bad news, unfortunately, is that cell phone radiation has been associated with many types of cancer, the best known being brain tumors. The longer the hours of use, and years of use, the greater the risk. In addition, certain effects, like neuron death in the brain, and blood brain barrier permeability, from radiofrequency radiation, have been shown to be even greater, the lower the power. Such risk is increased for those who began cell phone use as a teenager or younger, as children have been shown to be at almost 4x the risk for brain tumors compared to adults…

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