Is Your Cell Phone Zapping Your Thyroid?

January 8, 2013

dv1992017Electropollution saps energy—and packs on pounds.

January marks Thyroid Awareness Month, and according to my colleague, thyroid expert and patient advocate Mary Shomon, it’s estimated that as many as 40 million Americans may be suffering from undiagnosed or misdiagnosed thyroid conditions.

While there are many factors that can affect thyroid function, I find one risk to be specifically concerning—electropollution!

Mobile phones and wireless devices are everywhere these days. Even if you aren’t using your phone or WiFi at the moment, you’re probably within range of someone else’s. At least 84% of Americans have cell phones.

Due to the proliferation of these phones, Blackberries and other digital devices, broadcast and cell phone antennas, power lines, satellite TV, and WiFi zapping us everywhere from our favorite coffee shop to the public library, we’re now exposed 100 million times more to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) than our grandparents were.

What’s all this electropollution doing to us? One recent survey of cell phone users in Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, the U.K., and this country shows repeated complaints of fatigue as well as headaches, ill health, and muscle pains.

Even low-level EMFs can slow thyroid function. In addition to depression, intolerance to cold, joint pain, and muscle cramps, low thyroid function leads to fatigue and weight gain.

A recent study in the Journal of Experimental Biology shows that EMF exposure impacts both the structure and function of the thyroid. For example, animals exposed to cell phone radiation produce lower levels of thyroid hormone, a marker of hypothyroidism.

Every cell in your body is a target for thyroid hormones. Since thyroid hormones stimulate diverse metabolic activity throughout the body—including basal metabolic rate—it’s no wonder that hypothyroidism can make you tired—and contribute to weight gain.

Given our unprecedented exposure to invisible—but insidious—electropollution, I’m not surprised that Americans now weigh more than people in 33 other countries.

For years, clients kept coming to me with a wide assortment of symptoms from dizziness and anxiety, memory loss and ringing in the ears to unrelenting fatigue and weight gain—but nothing seemed to work. It was only when I realized that they, as well as I, were all exposed to high levels of EMFs that the light, literally, went on in my head!

After reviewing the published research and interviewing others who are electrosensitive, I’ve discovered that EMFs cause the cells in the body to go into “lock down mode,” trapping this new, invisible form of pollution inside while largely impairing the body’s natural detoxification processes.

What You Can Do
It’s shocking how electropollution has exploded in recent years, and there’s no evidence that it’s slowing down any time soon. While I use my cell phone only when it’s absolutely necessary, I’m not giving it up—and seriously doubt that the rest of you are either.

That’s why I’ve written Zapped with over 1,000 ways to protect you and your family against the damaging effects of EMFs. While (like me) you’ll want to detect and eliminate as much of this radiation as possible in your own home, it’s also critical to support your body nutritionally from all the electropollution that’s beyond your control.

Start by boosting your body’s production of the potent detoxifier gluatathione to counter EMF’s harmful effects. Among the Zap-Proof Supplements I recommend, Fat Flush Whey Protein Powder is one of the richest sources of amino acids from which super antioxidant glutathione is derived. Whey protein also contains naturally occurring lactoferrin, which has anti-radiation effects.

New research in the British Journal of Nutrition finds that whey protein reduces appetite and caloric intake better than other protein sources (including eggs, tuna, and turkey), making whey very effective for weight loss. A recent study in Obesity shows that whey protein even improves vascular function in overweight and obese individuals.

This is important since both hypothyroidism and EMFs can raise bad cholesterol (LDL) levels, elevating the risk for heart disease. New Australian research reports that supplementing the diet with whey protein significantly lowers both LDL and total cholesterol levels in people who are overweight and obese, while improving their insulin levels.

For more on All-Star Supplements and other ways to protect against electropollution, order your copy of Zapped.

Thyroid Testing
If you think your thyroid might not be functioning properly, I highly recommend a blood test. In honor of Thyroid Awareness Month, is offering $25 Thyroid Testing through January 31, 2013. Visit their website to order your TSH test!

Zapped: Why Your Cell Phone Shouldn’t Be Your Alarm Clock and 1,268 Ways to Outsmart the Hazards of Electronic Pollution

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  1. Susan

    Buying extra supplements is tough right now. But I do make my own whey from grass-fed raw milk. Can I supplement this for the protein powder and if so, how much? Sometimes I will gulp down a 1/4 cup a day.

    • Sierra

      Hi Susan! Here is the Nutrition Information for Whey, per 1 cup:
      Calories- 66
      Protein- 2.09 g
      Carbs- 13g
      Fat- .89 g

      Based on this information, liquid whey should not be a primary source of protein. However, there are many health benefits to consuming small amounts of whey, and also great opportunities to use it for making lacto-fermented foods like pickles and sauerkraut!

  2. Angie Reid

    Dear Ann Louise, Just want to say thanks for your informative site and positive advice. I am hypothyroid and have just recently been diagnosed with Addison’s Disease as well. So, I have a lot of challenges. I am 46 and a single mother of 3 boys. I weigh 183 lbs and am 5’6. I would like to weigh 150 which means I need to loose 33 lbs. I have just purchased some of your products to begin my weight loss process. Is there any advise you have for me or any reading material you can direct me to, which would deal with weight loss for someone with both my health issues? Or will I be fine to follow what you already recommend? What plan of yours would you recommend I follow? Many thanks for your time. Angie

    • Sierra

      Hi Angie,
      My dear friend has Addison’s, and she has done quite well following the Fat Flush Plan, and also has amazing things to say about the Adrenal Formula that Ann Louise has formulated also! I highly recommend this approach 🙂

  3. June

    Not only thyroid issues but I lost my hearing in one ear because of over use of my blackberry. Sudden hearing loss. It sucks. Keep the phone away from your ears, body etc. Use a headset – always! Vitamins and proteins shakes with whey should just be part of your daily meals.

  4. Lynda

    I have majic jack as my home land line service. This service is via a DSL box. Would it be healthier to speak on a landline phone with verizon service?
    Should I limit my exposure to the internet on line services if I am concerned of the health hazards of radiation or EMFs?

    • Peter

      Hello Linda, just go in to the router’s setup and DISABLE the W-LAN (Wi-Fi), then you can also additionally remove the antenna ans rather use Ethernet cables for connecting to your DSL modem/router instead of wireless connections. That should solve some radiation issues already. Switch off all unused electrical appliances and gadgets.

      Then remove all electrical gadgets and appliances from the BEDROOMS !

  5. Maxine Kaufman-Lacusta

    I too was wondering about the nutritional value of “home-made” whey, e.g., the liquid left over after making “strained yogurt” (labneh) or paneer? I make my own yogurt, and labneh once a week or so (less frequently paneer) and store the whey in a glass jar in the fridge. Sometimes I use it to make hot cereal, but since it tends to be slightly bitter, I often don’t. Thanks.

    • Sierra

      Hi Maxine, I don’t know if you will see my above comment, but liquid whey is as follows for a one cup serving:
      Calories- 66
      Protein- 2.09 g
      Fat- .89 g
      Carbs- 13 g

  6. Peter

    Great input, please also have a look at DIABETES and OBESITY !

    Did you know there was a LINK between
    Digestion / Diabetes / Obesity / and Electromagnetic Pollution/RADIATION ???

  7. Lynda

    1)So are you saying that I should not use a majic phone as a landline phone? Is it preferable to use a phone connected to a verizon jack? 2)I would also like to know if a cordless phone is more hazardous than a phone plugged into the wall? 3) Are there any issues about using a laptop computer that is not connected to the internet?

    • Sierra

      I’m not exactly familiar with magic jack, but a land-line that plugs into the wall and has a cord is the best option for a home phone. If you turn off your wireless internet on the lap top and keep it on the table it is the best solution.

  8. Verna McGregor

    I am very sensitive to this type of pollution, so I find your information very valuable. What do you think of q-link for personal protection? Also pong for a cell phone protection? I appreciate your repsonse.

    • Sierra

      Hi Verna, I’m not familiar with Q-link, but the PONG cases are highly recommended by Ann Louise 🙂

  9. Lynda

    if i have a choice to use a cell phone or a regular phone plugged into the dsl line while the computer is on, which way of communication is healthier?

    • Sierra

      Lynda, if you can use an old-fashioned phone that is not wireless, that would be the best option!

  10. Dariusz

    Not again! EMF is bad everyone say but what is true research from 2009 about thyroid there is some tsh up lvl from using moderate but in severe the lvl back down.

    Peter now you can everythink link to cause diabetes. One woman from canadian link some new type of diabete 3 in electrosensitive people she has only 4 people. So there is no strong evidence. June about hearing i spent much time to see link with this one person do researh he use questionnaire so i dont think we can name this research you wrote you have sudden hearing loss (SHL) really? so peaople who work in radar where radiation is how much powerful get SHL. Many experts confirm that HL is from noise of phone not radiation. I see many of true research about radiation and hearing loss for eample radar workers and their childrens live near antenas experts looking and asuming that they find correlations but they dont. I have frendswho is noise sensitive and he use his Cell on low lvl volume atleast call 3h/day for 5 yrs and i dont see him to loose hearing.

    • Ann Louise

      What you seem to be overlooking is the concept of electrohypersensitivity in which some individuals are simply more sensitive or “allergic” to EMF fields.

  11. Camilla

    Ann Louise Gittleman is well credentialed to educate on the role for antioxidants, minerals and other supplements in a multi-pronged wellness strategy to negate effects of our toxic world, and help people build physiological resilience in light of the health eroding effects of electromagnetic fields. Electromagnetic fields are biologically active. They create oxidative damage, mitochondrial dysfunction, decrease melatonin, increase blood viscosity, create changes in hypothalamic regulation and cerebral blood flow, increase cortisol and adrenaline, and decrease neurotransmitters, etc. The result is there is tremendous imbalance being created in the body, and, just as with all other sources of imbalance, sound nutritional status can be important in mitigating the effects. Nutrition is one of the angles from which we can support stability and harmony within the body, and education on this topic is especially important in the wireless world today.

    In case you are not aware of the great concern of doctors and scientists about the proliferation of electromagnetic fields, I am enclosing the following quotes from a recent event in New York. In addition, I recommend you read the new research from Harvard Medical School associating EMFs with autism, an epidemic that has grown to effect 1/50 children. This is a disgrace. We need to be encouraging the leading voices in health, like Ann Louise Gittleman, who are the Paul Revere’s of this generation, attempting the share the credible science on a topic that is impacting us all, that will impact future generations, and that possibly may because of DNA effects cause the great demise of our species. Listen up, and learn, before you speak on a subject as important as this. Thank you.

    Quotes from Leading Environmentally Aware Physicians & Scientists:

    “Unlike chemical exposures or mold, with electromagnetic fields there is nothing to see or smell to warn a person there may be harm. Learning to measure electromagnetic fields and to remediate are essential for patients. I am encouraging my patients to attend The Open Center event November 15, 2013 so they can learn ways to create EMF-free home environments and minimize `2nd hand’ wireless radiation exposures.”

    Morton Teich, MD
    Pediatric & Adult Allergy, Immunology
    and Environmental Medicine
    New York, NY

    Electromagnetic fields from cell phones and wireless technologies create disharmony in the body and mind, and should be minimized by people seeking wellness. The radiation is a stressor. The erratic nature of the various frequencies is biologically disruptive, interfering with the natural processes that maintain balance and efficient cellular communication. Diseases and health challenges of many kinds have been linked to the radiation. The constant stimuli of non-stop online communication is also leading to technology addictions, underdeveloped interpersonal skills, shallow and disjointed experiences of life, and even brain damage, such as the stunning new condition, “digital dementia”, in children. I recommend health conscious New Yorkers attend the Open Center’s program November 15, 2013 to learn how to minimize these exposures.”

    Frank Lipman, MD
    Eleven Eleven Wellness Center
    New York, NY

    “The human brain is especially susceptible to numerous environmental insults that can produce irreversible damage during critical periods of nervous system development between conception and full maturity. A number of peer-reviewed studies reported changes in the nervous systems of rats, mice and humans following exposure to cell phone radiation. These include diminished learning, diminished reaction time, decreased motor function, reduced memory accuracy, hyperactivity and diminished cognition.”

    Hugh Taylor, MD
    Chairman, Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology
    And Reproductive Sciences
    Yale University

    “Sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation is the emerging health problem of the 21st century. It is imperative health practitioners, governments, schools and parents learn more about it. The human health stakes are significant”

    William J. Rea, M.D.
    Founder and Director, Environmental Health Center
    Past President, American Academy of Environmental Medicine
    Dallas, TX

    “Electromagnetic pollution is one of the most important health issues of our day, causing acute and chronic health problems in more and more people. Doctors in the NY metropolitan area should attend the upcoming program at the NY Open Center, and learn from experts about this emerging public health issue.”

    Amy Dean, DO, FAAEM
    President, American Academy of Environmental Medicine


    The American Academy of Pediatrics “urges the FCC to adopt radiation standards” that 1) protect children’s health and well-being from radiation emitted by cell phones and other wireless devices; 2) reflect how people actually use their cell phones; and 3) provide sufficient information that enables consumers to make informed decisions when they purchase mobile phones.

    American Academy of Pediatrics


    “Cells in the body react to EMFs as potentially harmful, just like to other environmental toxins, including heavy metals and toxic chemicals. The DNA in living cells recognizes electromagnetic fields at very low levels of exposure; and produces a biochemical stress response. The scientific evidence tells us that our safety standards are inadequate, and that we must protect ourselves from exposure to EMF due to power lines, cell phones and the like, or risk the known consequences. The science is very strong and we should sit up and pay attention.”

    Martin Blank, PhD
    Columbia University
    Special Lecturer and Retired Associate Professor, Department of Physiology and Cellular Biophysics, Columbia University, College of Physicians and Surgeons; Researcher in Bioelectromagnetics; Author of the BioInitiative Report’s section on Stress Proteins, Editor of the special issue of the journal Pathophysiology on electromagnetic fields, and past President of the Bioelectromagnetics Society.


    “The scientific evidence is sufficiently robust showing that cellular devices pose significant health risks to children and pregnant women…The weight of the evidence supports stronger precautionary regulation by the federal government…The cellular industry should take immediate steps to reduce emission of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) from phones and avoid marketing their products to children.”

    John Wargo, PhD
    Professor, Environmental Risk and Policy
    Yale University

    “There is no question EMFs have a major effect on neurological functioning. They slow our brain waves and affect our long-term mental clarity. We should minimize exposures as much as possible to optimize neurotransmitter levels and prevent deterioration of health”.

    Eric Braverman, MD
    Brain researcher, Author of The Edge Effect and
    Director, Path Medical, New York, NY

    “Our recent 4-year monitoring of effects from cell phone radiation on children, demonstrates an increase in phonemic perception disorders, abatement of efficiency, reduced indicators for the arbitrary and semantic memory, and increased fatigue. Over the four-year monitoring of 196 children ages 7-12 who were users of mobile communication devices, a steady decline in these parameters from high values to bottom standards, compared to controls, was observed.

    Professor Yury Grigoriev
    Chairman of Russian National Committee on Non-Ionizing
    Radiation Protection, a member of the WHO’s International
    Advisory Committee on “EMF and Health”


    “The number of children being diagnosed with autism doubles every 5 years now. We have an epidemic of chronic infections and chronic neurological illnesses, like Parkinson’s, MS, ALS, autism, learning disabilities in children, behavioral problems in children-its all exploding exponentially and the only thing that parallels this growth is growth in exposures to cell phone radiation, the tetra network police are using, the new radiating smart meters and the wide range of wireless devices in the home today, such as wireless computers, portable phones and tablets, but also home appliances.”

    Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD
    Sophia Health Institute
    Seattle, WA

    “Current US and ICNIRP standards for radiofrequency and microwave radiation from wireless technologies are entirely inadequate. They never were intended to address the kind of exposures from wireless devices that now affect over 4 billion people.” Watch full Seletun Scientific Statement by Dr. Johansson here:

    Olle Johansson, PhD
    Department of Neuroscience
    Karolinska Institute

  12. Team ALG

    Yes, this is very true! It plays into the obesity epidemic!



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