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Try these professionally-vetted health and wellness products and resources, hand-picked by The First Lady of Nutrition herself.

Uni Key Health

UNI KEY Health

The ONLY source for Ann Louise’s recommended and custom-formulated supplements, books and testing kits since 1992.



Here is a quick and easy way to shop for the products Ann Louise recommends that are not sold by Uni Key. The Fullscript store front allows you to shop her favorite supplements and hundreds of brands in one place! Click the button to get started.

Summit To Sea | Hyperbaric Chamber

The Dive from Summit To Sea provides all the benefits of Hyperbaric Chamber Treatment, with the safety and reliability Summit To Sea is known for. With a 30 inch diameter and 90 inch length, The Dive provides plenty of space for a comfortable and effective treatment session.  This is what I personally use!

Purity Coffee

Purity Coffee makes every decision based on health, creating a coffee that is lab-tested to be 2x to 10x times higher in antioxidants and free of molds, pesticides, and mycotoxins.

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Organic Aromas

Organic Aromas offers 100% pure and safe essential oils, meticulously sourced for their therapeutic benefits. Complementing these high-quality oils, their beautifully designed diffusers use innovative technology to maintain the oils’ integrity, ensuring an unmatched aromatic and therapeutic experience.

Ra Optics – Blue Light Blockers

Ra Optics combines beauty and science in their beautifully crafted glasses, featuring day lenses that boost energy, reduce eye strain, and enhance brain function, and night lenses that improve sleep patterns and reset your circadian rhythm, offering round-the-clock health protection.

Radia Smart

Radia Smart offers cutting-edge EMF blankets, hats, hoods and even belly bands for pregnant women, utilizing highly conductive shielding fabric that blocks over 90% of radiation from devices like cell phones, laptops, and Wi-Fi, up to 40 GHz.

Earthing Wrist Band

Improve your health effortlessly with this versatile earthing wristband, designed to keep you connected to the Earth’s energy while engaging in everyday activities like reading, working, or watching TV. Just stay within 16 feet of a grounded wall outlet to harness the benefits of grounding, such as reduced EMF exposure, enhanced sleep quality, and natural wellness.

Influence Sauna


This nutrient dense all-organic superfood contains over 65 vitamins, minerals, amino acids and essential fatty acids. Non-GMO, vegan blue-green algae.



Aulterra’s products provide powerful protection from the harmful effects of EMF radiation including a whole house plug, cell phone neutralizers and protective pillows.


CWR Environmental

Since 1989, CWR Environmental Products has underscored the value of sophisticated, water- and air-filtration systems that protect our health, and improve the quality of our lives.

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Formulated by Integrative Medicine expert, Isaac Eliaz, MD, and backed by 75+ studies, PectaSol is the original and only clinically proven Modified Citrus Pectin to detox the body from toxic metals like mercury, lead, and arsenic without depleting essential minerals you need to stay healthy.



This is a company that I have used for many years because of their clean ingredients. I often refer clients who have completed the Salivary Hormone Panel to their products as they pair very well with UNI KEY supplements for complete hormone support.

Practitioner Code: 704493

Sunlighten Saunas

Sunlighten Saunas provide the most advanced Infrared Therapy available with low-EMF, full spectrum technology to experience the optimum benefits of sauna from near, mid and far infrared at the optimal wavelength.

Sunlighten Saunas
Dry Farm Wines

Enjoy the finest organic and natural wines—all lab tested by an independent enologist to ensure purity standards—delivered right to your doorstep!

Pique Tea

Pique Tea delivers full-spectrum health compounds from the finest teas and superfood plant ingredients to support healthy digestion, immunity, and calm energy. Triple Toxin Screened for maximum purity with zero prep or brewing required.

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Shungite Queen

Shungite Queen

EMF protective jewelry, including shungite necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and shungite pieces for your home, office or car.

3rd Rock Essentials

3rd Rock Essentials

3rd Rock Essentials is dedicated to bringing you the safest, toxin-free personal care products including the healthiest sunblock on the planet. Founded in 2003 by a renowned chemist and natural products activist, 3rd Rock has consistently grown and continues to formulate innovative products using the science of nature. Their patented silver and zinc oxide formulations are not found in ANY other products.


TRU 47

TRU47 offers the most innovative, safe and effective products that aid in protecting against germs and pesky bacteria, and support well-being using the benefits of silver as a natural, wellness-enhancing property.

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