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visionary nutritionist and trusted pioneer in health and wellness

Ann Louise Gittleman is a multi award-winning New York Times bestselling author of 30 books on weight loss, diet & detox including women’s health, men’s health, perimenopause, menopause, beauty and the environment.

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what others are saying

A visionary & pioneer…
“Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, CNS is a visionary and pioneer in the world of natural healing. Her bestselling books have revolutionized natural medicine and Ann Louise continues to innovate.”
I deeply respect and honor her work…
“I deeply respect and honor the work of Ann Louise Gittleman, whom I consider as a teacher, as well as what she has done to bring intelligence to the world of nutrition.”
Ahead of the nutrition curve…
“Ann Louise is ahead of the nutrition curve. She’s always been cutting edge in her approach, having been part of the lineage of nutritional mentors and pioneers who ultimately led the charge forward to the rise in the current 21st Century health and wellness interests. I am grateful for her courage, for speaking the truth, and being holistically minded in all she writes, speaks, and champions in her work.”
A trailblazer who has paved the way…
“From Fat Flush to detox, Ann Louise Gittleman is a trailblazer whose impeccable, groundbreaking research and knowledge paved the path for nutritionists today. As she has for the past few decades, Gittleman continues to inspire, motivate, and challenge me today.”
A leading innovator…
“Ann Louise Gittleman has been a leading innovator in the field of integrative medicine for decades. Her books bring cutting-edge research to health consumers in an easy-to-understand form. She was one of the first to warn of the dangers of our infatuation with low-carb diets, and now science has validated her message.”
She’s always the first to know…
“When it comes to wellness through nutrition, Ann Louise Gittleman not only pioneered the field, she continues to be ahead of her time and on top of the game. At First for Women, we rely on Gittleman to alert us to the newest scientific studies with the most urgent relevance for our readers—and she always delivers.”
On the cutting edge!
“A powerful ‘Force of Nature’ in the healing community, Ann Louise is used to being on the cutting edge. Want to see what the experts will be saying in 25 years? Simply see what she is saying NOW!”
A long-time guiding light…
“A long-time guiding light in the world of nutritional medicine, Ann Louise continues to be The First Lady of Nutrition and someone I can always count on for the best information for my patients, my readers, and me.  Not only is she knowledgeable and a pioneer in the field, but is a truly caring person who is dedicated to changing the world, one body at a time. I’m proud to... Read More
A beacon of light and inspiration for millions!
“Ann Louise Gittleman is a dynamic pioneer and leading authority in nutrition, health, and wellness. She is a beacon of light and inspiration for millions of people who seek advanced healing information that genuinely transforms their lives.”
A true pioneer in her field…
“After reading Fat Flush, my passion for nutrition was ignited. Ann Louise inspired my journey into health and wellness, which led me to become a Health Coach. She is a true pioneer in her field and a wealth of knowledge for the community. I look forward to her Facebook posts for her pearls of wisdom. She has been so instrumental in my own health and that of my family. We... Read More
Ann Louise has opened my eyes…
“I moved to Georgia about seven years ago and within two years I went from 135 lbs to 189 lbs. With my busy schedule as a single parent it was easy to grab that burger. I woke up four years ago after a yearly physical when my doctor recommended I go on cholesterol medicine at age 40. I declined. That is when Ann Louise came into my life. This is... Read More
Ann Louise’s books marked a turning point for me!
“I have always been interested in the role of nutrition in health. My mother has MS and I watched her improve the quality of her life as a child with nutrition and a holistic approach. I was born a “sickly” child and suffered from something all the time growing up and she used a holistic approach trying to help me. I lost 5 years to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in my... Read More


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