What others are saying about Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman.

Ann Louise’s colleagues have praised her as one of the most respected and groundbreaking experts in health and wellness.

A visionary & pioneer…

“Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, CNS is a visionary and pioneer in the world of natural healing. Her bestselling books have revolutionized natural medicine and Ann Louise continues to innovate.”

Izabella Wentz

PharmD, FASCP, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author of Hashimoto's Protocol

I deeply respect and honor her work…

“I deeply respect and honor the work of Ann Louise Gittleman, whom I consider as a teacher, as well as what she has done to bring intelligence to the world of nutrition.”

Mark Hyman

MD, Ten-time New York Times Bestselling Author

Ahead of the nutrition curve…

“Ann Louise is ahead of the nutrition curve. She’s always been cutting edge in her approach, having been part of the lineage of nutritional mentors and pioneers who ultimately led the charge forward to the rise in the current 21st Century health and wellness interests.”

Deanna Minich

PhD, FACN, CNS, IFMCP, Nutritionist and Author of The Rainbow Diet

A trailblazer who has paved the way…

“From Fat Flush to detox, Ann Louise Gittleman is a trailblazer whose impeccable, groundbreaking research and knowledge paved the path for nutritionists today. As she has for the past few decades, Gittleman continues to inspire, motivate, and challenge me today.”

JJ Virgin

Celebrity Nutritionist and four-time New York Times Bestselling Author

A leading innovator…

“Ann Louise Gittleman has been a leading innovator in the field of integrative medicine for decades. Her books bring cutting-edge research to health consumers in an easy-to-understand form. She was one of the first to warn of the dangers of our infatuation with low-carb diets, and now science has validated her message.”

Ronald Hoffman

MD, Host of 'Intelligent Medicine'

She’s always the first to know…

“When it comes to wellness through nutrition, Ann Louise Gittleman not only pioneered the field, she continues to be ahead of her time and on top of the game. At First for Women, we rely on Gittleman to alert us to the newest scientific studies with the most urgent relevance for our readers—and she always delivers.”

Carol Brooks

Editor-in-Chief of First for Women magazine

On the cutting edge!

“A powerful ‘Force of Nature’ in the healing community, Ann Louise is used to being on the cutting edge. Want to see what the experts will be saying in 25 years? Simply see what she is saying NOW!”

Jacob Teitelbaum

MD, Author of The Fatigue and Fibromyalgia Solution

One of my favorite go-to nutritionists…

“Ann Louise has always been one of my favorite go-to nutritionists. Her Fat Flush Plan and other programs, supplements, and test kits have paved the way for a whole new generation of health and environmentally like-minded advocates and activists. She is STILL a superstar in our changing world and we are all very grateful for her tireless efforts to bring the most cutting-edge wisdom to a world that desperately needs it.”

Donna Gates

Author and Creator of Body Ecology

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