First Lady of Nutrition – A Woman Owned Business
Women-owned businesses are much more common today than they were when Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, CNS began her career over three decades ago. As a woman owned business, First Lady of Nutrition, Inc. employs staff located from coast to coast. These uber talented men and women work remotely – and have done so well before working remotely became “the new norm” during and post-Covid.
Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, CNS

About the First Lady of Nutrition, Inc.

Internationally known celebrity nutritionist, and New York Times bestselling author of more than 35 books, Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, CNS, is the “First Lady of Nutrition”. She is a leading innovator in the field of integrative medicine, dietary, environmental, and women’s health issues and a trailblazer whose impeccable, groundbreaking research and knowledge paved the path for nutritionists today.

A Woman of “Firsts”

Ann Louise is also well respected as a trailblazer in Alternative Medicine.  As a protege of Dr. Hazel Parcells, the “Grande Dame of Alternative Medicine”, Gittleman was so inspired by Parcells’ teachings that it catapulted her own career to new heights.  She created a stunning series of Firsts – decades before her male counterparts – establishing trends that continue to this day:

At the onset of her career in a male-dominated society and era, Ann Louise found herself in a primarily male-dominated field, but has earned the respect of her contemporaries around the world time and time again.

Ann Louise Gittleman with Dr. Robert Atkins, creator of The Atkins Diet
“Ann Louise is the smartest nutritionist I know.”

The legendary Dr. Robert Atkins, creator of the low carb Atkins Diet

“Before there was low-carb, paleo, keto and all the other diet fads out there, there was the wisdom of Ann Louise Gitttleman, truly “The First Lady of Nutrition.” Her 40 years of writing, speaking, lobbying, all on behalf of educating the nation on nutrition, makes Ann Louise Gittleman a genuine national health resource.”

Dr. William Davis, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Wheat Belly and Super Gut
Dr. William Davis, author of bestseller, Wheat Belly
Dr. Mark Hyman
“I deeply respect and honor the work of Ann Louise Gittleman, whom I consider as a teacher, as well as what she has done to bring intelligence to the world of nutrition.”

Dr. Mark Hyman, 14X New York Times bestselling author

First Lady of Nutrition Forward…

Always one to “pay it forward,” Ann Louise Gittleman continues on her quest to transform health and wellness with her weekly Internationally-ranked podcast, The First Lady of Nutrition Podcast.  Each week, Ann Louise interviews up-and-coming luminaries in the Alternative and Natural Health space, giving these professionals another platform in which to share their expertise with listeners around the world.

Additionally, Ann Louise contributes a weekly column to Woman’s World magazine, the most-read women’s magazine in the U.S. She is also a regular contributor to First for Woman magazine and The Epoch Times (2021-2022). She continues to make regular appearances on popular national television shows, summits, and other webinars.

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