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Success Stories

A History of Success

Ann Louise has dedicated her career to helping people achieve their best health. Over the years she has helped countless people regain and maintain health.

My first nutrition mentor…
“Ann Louise has been an inspiration to my career as a nutrition consultant.  As my first nutrition mentor she taught me what became the foundational principles of my practice, guiding my transition from book knowledge to real life successful client application. She not only changed my life, but has dramatically improved the lives of my clients. Especially important has been The Gut Flush Plan. Two of my most memorable cases... Read More
A true pioneer in her field…
“After reading Fat Flush, my passion for nutrition was ignited. Ann Louise inspired my journey into health and wellness, which led me to become a Health Coach. She is a true pioneer in her field and a wealth of knowledge for the community. I look forward to her Facebook posts for her pearls of wisdom. She has been so instrumental in my own health and that of my family. We... Read More
So educational!
“I first bought the Fat Flush ten years ago. I found it sooo educational. I find it so interesting that so many things she talks about in her book are now all of a sudden becoming popular with other health advocates.”
She started my quest for nutrition!
“Ann Louise’s Fat Flush book was the first book on nutrition to get me interested in changing my diet. I’ve been on a quest to improve my diet/health ever since reading it.”
On target and informative!
“Her Fat Flush diet has helped me not only lose weight, but feel significantly better. Her info on parasites and probiotics has been extremely instrumental in healing my gut! Her posts are always on target and informative, especially how important protein is when dieting! Keep it up!”
Ann Louise has opened my eyes…
“I moved to Georgia about seven years ago and within two years I went from 135 lbs to 189 lbs. With my busy schedule as a single parent it was easy to grab that burger. I woke up four years ago after a yearly physical when my doctor recommended I go on cholesterol medicine at age 40. I declined. That is when Ann Louise came into my life. This is... Read More
Fat Flush turned my life around!
“Ann Louise’s book ‘The Fat Flush Plan’ was the very first nutrition book I’ve ever read. When I was growing up as a kid my mother was the nutritionist of the family, and my father was the junk food man of the house. I hated nutrition and health food stuff, I kind of took after my father in that aspect.  Then when I was older and I was huge, I... Read More
Ann Louise was the catalyst of my passion for health!
“Nine years ago my aunt had picked up ‘The Fat Flush Plan’ at a garage sale. I asked if I could borrow the book and instantly was addicted to learning more about whole foods, nutrition, and how to keep my body healthy. Ann Louise is so knowledgeable, yet easy to understand. This was the first “diet” book I had picked up that wasn’t a gimmick or a fad. I then... Read More
She is the one I trust the most!
“I have followed her for years, and she is the one I trust the most. If I see a “new” thing, I look to see what Ann Louise says about it. I love that she will answer my questions personally and that she really does her research before recommending a supplement or a diet.”
Helped me sail through menopause!
“I’ve been following Ann Louise for around 15 years and her Fat Flush Plan helped me sail through menopause (and lose weight, fix allergies, and help with asthma). I’ve got just about got all her literature and follow her guidelines and advice when I can. She‘s amazing and cannot recommend her way of life enough for everyone. Thanks again ALG! ”
Fast Track Detox saved my life!
“For several years I was treated for a misdiagnosis which made me gain weight and filled my body with toxins. When I was finally given the correct diagnosis I had to be put on medications that destroyed my gut and zapped all my energy to the point I had to drop out of college. After the disease was cured my body was left in ruins and I felt like I... Read More
I will NEVER forget meeting Ann Louise!
“In 1996 Ann Louise came to Telluride, Colorado to a restaurant I was managing at The Peaks Resort and Spa. I don’t usually work mornings but that day I was. She pulled me aside and mentioned to me how the buffet table was a carb-sugar laden mess with empty calories galore and food that lacked nutrition. And we were feeding skiers and athletes! She kindly asked if she could come back... Read More
Healthy, results oriented and do-able!
“A trainer gave me a specific eating plan because I need structure. It was a “fat flush.” I started researching Fat Flush and found your book ‘The Fat Flush Plan’. It made a lot of sense and helped connect some dots with the eating plan I was given. The trainer told me I would see results in my belly in a few weeks, and that was the case. I’m really... Read More
Ann Louise’s books marked a turning point for me!
“I have always been interested in the role of nutrition in health. My mother has MS and I watched her improve the quality of her life as a child with nutrition and a holistic approach. I was born a “sickly” child and suffered from something all the time growing up and she used a holistic approach trying to help me. I lost 5 years to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in my... Read More