Get the Sugar Out

501 ways to cut the sugar out of any diet.

In the new edition of the bestselling GET THE SUGAR OUT, Ann Louise Gittleman explains that sugar not only contributes to weight gain but also to mood swings, weakened immunity, diabetes, some cancers, and cardiovascular disease. Here she offers 501 simple, resourceful, and practical tips for cutting sugar from your diet, giving you the knowledge and inspiration you need to live a healthier life.

With over 50 new delicious recipes and an explanation of the glycemic index, GET THE SUGAR OUT also explores the pros and cons of artificial sweeteners (including Splenda), provides label reading tips, a week-long menu plan and a dynamite resource section. This book is loaded with cutting edge and compelling information.

A few of Ann Louise’s basic ways to cut sugar include:

  • Eat more meals at home, so you can oversee the ingredients and avoid hidden sugars
  • If you have a sweet tooth, try tricking it by chewing on a cinnamon stick
  • Be a food detective; don’t trust “sugar free” or “fat free” labels
  • Cut down on salt not only to be healthier but because it helps cut out sugar cravings
  • Don’t exchange sugar for artificial sweeteners; as you’ll find out here, many are harmful

With type II diabetes at an all-time high, cutting sugar from your diet is imperative. GET THE SUGAR OUT is your solution for treatment and prevention: a unique, practical guide to a healthy and happy low-sugar lifestyle.

“Typical of Ann Louise Gittleman, her insights offer breakthrough concepts and practices for her readers.”

—Elson M. Haas, MD Author of The False Fat Diet

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